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A Break in the Clouds: Chicago 1933 World's Fair Banner

A Break in the Clouds: Chicago's 1933 World's Fair

It was an international showpiece set on Chicago's Lakefront that transcended the Great Depression. "A Century of Progress," the 1933 International Exposition not only provided entertainment to millions, it paid for itself and made a profit.

Officially, organizers conceived A Century of Progress as a celebration of Chicago's 100th anniversary. Unofficially, it became a rallying point for a population struggling with economic disaster and a city whose reputation had been sullied by its association with Organized Crime. It was more than just a fair, it was a tribute to the future, and an acknowledgment of the changing world, with exhibits like the "Homes of Tomorrow". But even today, those who attended the fair still remember it with awe and enjoyment and treasure many of the mementos they brought home.

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