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Geoffrey's Travel Journal | Chicago on Vacation

Geoffrey's Travel Journal

Geoffrey Baer skiing

Adventures in Aging

I'm young at heart. But this project (and the rides on roller coasters, waterslides, snowmobiles, and water skis it has involved) has made me realize I'm not so young of body any more.

young Geoffrey Baer celebrates his seventh birthday at Lake Geneva, WI

Lake Geneva & Me

This project took me back to George Williams College Camp in Lake Geneva, a place my family vacationed every year until I was nine or ten years old - and haven't seen since.

Geoffrey Baer feeding a goat

Local Color

One of the best things about this project was discovering that even in today’s era of strip malls and chain hotels, local character is still alive and well.

Geoffrey Baer posing with fisherman Joel Petersen

Memorable Moments

Journey with me through some of the most memorable moments of our trip filming Chicago on Vacation.