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Chicago Stories: Candy Capital — Full Episode

Brach. Mars. Wrigley. Chicago was once known as "the candy capital of the world." Audio-narrated descriptions are available.

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Chicago Stories: Candy Capital

Brach. Mars. Wrigley. These are just a few of the candy companies that have called Chicago home. At the time of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, more than 100 candy companies were in operation in the area, producing such familiar confections as Baby Ruth, Tootsie Roll, Lemonheads, and Juicy Fruit gum. Audio-narrated descriptions are available.

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Wrigley’s Gum

Thanks to some trial and error with baking soda and other products, William Wrigley accidentally found his fortune in gum.

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The Origins of Baby Ruth

The Curtiss Candy Company had a hit on its hands with Baby Ruth. But who is the candy bar named for?

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The Mars Family Feud

The Mars family was behind some of the biggest candy bars of all time, including Milky Way and Snickers, but it came at a cost: a rift between father and son.

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The Sweet Treats of the World’s Fair

The 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition gave us the brownie, Cracker Jacks, and even played a role in Hershey’s milk chocolate.

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Behind the Scenes at the Tootsie Roll Factory

In this archival video from Food of Chicago, Geoffrey Baer explores Chicago’s role as the candy capital and visits the Tootsie Roll factory.

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