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The Great American Recipe

Great American Recipe Submission Form

This summer, PBS is searching for The Great American Recipe in a new cooking competition show spotlighting home cooks from across the country (premiering on Friday, June 24 at 8:00 pm). We want to see your great recipes, too, and share them with our audiences! Is there a cake you make for every birthday? A special holiday dish passed down through your family? An easy salad or dip you whip up when you have people over at the last minute? Share it with us via the form below, and we might publish it on our website under your name! See examples here.

Please read the prompts carefully and follow the noted format. We may contact you with questions or clarifications. You may also submit a recipe in the form of a Word document or PDF, or a clear photo of a recipe card or written recipe. If you do so, simply write "Uploaded" in the "Ingredient List" and "Numbered Directions" fields on the form and submit your upload using “Document or photo upload” at the bottom of the form.

We cannot accept published recipes, so please do not submit a recipe from a cookbook, blog, magazine, or other published source. If you are submitting your own adaptation of a published recipe, please note the original source so that we can give credit.