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Christian McBride | The Interview Show

Christian McBride

(s. 6, ep. 4)
 Jazz Bassist | Bandleader

Sarah Spain

(s. 6, ep. 3)
Host/Panelist | ESPN
Rick Perlstein

Rick Perlstein

(s. 6, ep. 2)
Historian/Author | Reaganland

David Hidalgo

(s. 6, ep. 1)
Guitarist / Singer | Los Lobos
Toronzo Cannon

Toronzo Cannon

(s. 5, ep. 8)
Blues Musician | The Preacher, The Politician, or The Pimp
Max Temkin

Max Temkin

(s. 5, ep. 8)
Designer/Restaurateur | Cards Against Humanity and Chicago Board Game Café

Peter Sagal

(s. 5, ep. 7)
Radio Host | NPR’s Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!
Lee Ann Womack. Photo credit: Ebru Yildiz / courtesy of Shore Fire Media

Lee Ann Womack

(s. 5, ep. 7)
Country Musician | The Lonely, the Lonesome & the Gone


Sketch 306

(s. 3, ep. 6)

Sketch 305

(s. 3, ep. 5)

Sketch 304

(s. 3, ep. 4)
The Interview Show: Sketch Ep 303

Sketch 303

(s. 3, ep. 3)

Sketch 302

(s. 3, ep. 2)
Sketch 301 - The Interview Show

Sketch 301

(s. 3, ep. 1)

The Interview Show with Mark Bazer

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The Interview Show with Mark Bazer is a talk show in a bar. Filmed at The Hideout in Chicago, this series features conversations that are as substantive as they are entertaining. 

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