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Language and Literacy

Communication and Use of Language

Expressing oneself through words

Reciprocal Communication

Maintaining back-and-forth conversations with others

Comprehension of Texts

Understanding details and ideas from written texts presented by adults

Phonological Awareness

Increasing understanding of how sounds make up language

Word Girl


Peg + Cat


Comparing, matching, or sorting items

Number Sense of Math Operations

Adding and subtracting small quantities


Recognizing shapes and their characteristics

Social-Emotional Development

Curiosity and Initiative in Learning

Displaying initiative to learn about people, places, things and events

Self-Control of Feelings and Behavior

Developing strategies for self-regulating feelings and behaviors

Engagement and Persistence

Persisting in understanding and mastering challenging or difficult activities

Relationships and Social Interactions with Familiar Adults

Interacting cooperatively with familiar adults, including parents and teachers


Interacting cooperatively and developing friendships with peers

Xavier Riddle characters