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The Four Seasons by Marc Chagall

Photo credit: Alan Brunettin
Marc Chagall’s grand mosaic mural celebrates the passing of the seasons. Photo credit: Alan Brunettin
Photo credit: Alan Brunettin
Photo credit: Alan Brunettin

Located in Chase Tower Plaza, The Four Seasons by Russian-French artist Marc Chagall are a series of mosaics that lyrically and colorfully celebrate the arrival of spring, summer, winter, and fall. It was a gift to the City of Chicago by the Prince Charitable Trust and was dedicated in 1974. In 1994, after two decades of exposure to the elements, the mosaic panels were restored and a protective canopy was added.

Marc Chagall is also well-known in Chicago for his America Windows, a series of large-scale stained-glass panels in the Art Institute of Chicago, installed in 1977 to honor both the American bicentennial and Mayor Richard J. Daley, who had died the previous year.

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