Can We Swim in the River Yet? | The Chicago River Tour with Geoffrey Baer

The Chicago River is now cleaner than it has been for more than a century, leading some residents to ask when they’ll be able to dive in. Here’s what it would take to make it swimmable.

Articulate With Jim Cotter

Daniel Hautzinger
Articulate with Jim Cotter is a new arts and culture show airing on WTTW Prime that spotlights everything from a maker of extravagant hats to a 92-year-old pianist who studied with Rachmaninoff. Explore some digital highlights from the show. 

The Stories Behind PBS Shows

Daniel Hautzinger
50 years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson created a federally funded public broadcasting system to "enrich man's spirit." PBS has produced a wide range of programs since then. Learn a little bit about the history of some of your favorites.

The Chicago River Tour with Geoffrey Baer

'Poldark' Recap: Romance, Regret, and Revenge

Julia Maish
Demelza continues to attract the attention of a dashing soldier while Ross becomes increasingly difficult and ends up giving George more power. Morwenna's marriage is dreadful. Agatha, in crisis, corrupts George and Elizabeth's relationship.

'The Durrells in Corfu' Recap: Storms and Spirits

Daniel Hautzinger
An apocalyptic storm puts everyone in an ominous mood and traps all the Durrells inside, including Larry, who's at home suffering from the mumps. Things get worse when Aunt Hermione arrives with a psychic friend who offers to hold a seance.

How 16 Chicago Streets Got Their Names

Daniel Hautzinger
From a Swedish immigrant who planted the majority of trees in Chicago after the Fire to two separate brewers, a lucky friend to a developer who rebuilt his home three times, the people who gave their names to Chicago streets have some fascinating stories.

Helen Macdonald on the Wonderful, Optimistic World of Hawks

Daniel Hautzinger
Helen Macdonald turned to hawking for solace when her father died, chronicling her grief in the award-winning book H is for Hawk. Now she's training her first goshawk since then on Nature. She spoke to us about the meanings give to animals and more.

The (Im)Perfect Crime

Daniel Hautzinger
Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb were brilliant students from affluent, respected families who had everything going for them – so much so that they felt they had to prove their superiority by murdering a fourteen-year-old boy in the "crime of the century."


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