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Trinity Church - A Closer Look

With Trinity Church, architect H. H. Richardson created a new style of architecture: Richardsonian Romanesque. Click on the icons to learn more about elements of Richardsonian Romanesque style.


Typical of the medieval Romanesque buildings that inspired Richardson, the Trinity Church windows and entryways are framed by semicircular arches.

Heavy Stone

Romanesque architecture employed heavy, rough stone in massive proportions. For Trinity Church, Richardson used granite and sandstone from western Massachusetts.

Massive Tower

Trinity Church’s massive tower is a distinctly Romanesque feature. Weighing more than 90 million pounds, the Trinity Church tower is held up by massive stone piers, in turn supported by more than 4,500 wood pilings driven deep into the earth.

pyramidal form

The triangular form of Trinity Church is a trademark of Richardsonian Romanesque style.

Medieval Detail

Medieval buildings in France, Spain and Italy inspired elements of Richardson's design for Trinity Church.

Trinity Church - A Closer Look