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10 Buildings that Changed America

10 Buildings That Changed America

From the state capitol building that first declared our architectural independence from Great Britain to an iconic Prairie-style home by Frank Lloyd Wright, from the factory that housed Henry Ford’s first Model T moving assembly line to the original indoor regional shopping mall, from H. H. Richardson’s iconic Trinity Church in Boston to Frank Gehry’s game-changing Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, we see the influence of America’s best architects all around us – in the homes where we live, the offices where we work, our public buildings, and houses of worship. Many have been shaped in one way or another by a handful of imaginative, audacious, and sometimes even arrogant Americans throughout history whose bold ideas have been copied far and wide. Sometimes in a flash of inspiration these architects have dared to strike out on their own and design a radical new building that has permanently altered our built environment.

10 Buildings that Changed America is a journey that will take you across America and inside these groundbreaking works of art and engineering. It is also a journey back in time to discover the shocking, funny, and even sad stories of how these buildings were created. And it is a journey inside the imaginations of ten daring architects who set out to change the way we live, work, and play.