Community Advisory Board Members

2017 WTTW Community Advisory Board

Community Advisory Board Members

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2015-16 WTTW Community Advisory Board Officers

Left to Right: Mary Lou Mockus, Vice-Chair; Joseph Morris, Chair; and Ava Holly Berland, Secretary.

Lennette Meredith, Membership  - Chairperson
Norma Sutton, Nominating  - Chairperson
Barbara Cragan, Program Committee - Chairperson
Maggie Steinz, Educational Research & Development - Chairperson
Heather Penn, Communication & Technology - Chairperson
Christopher Vaughn, Cultural Research & Development - Chairperson
Sharon Meroni, Community Engagement - Chairperson

WTTW Liaisons
Michael Gonzalez, WTTW Board of Trustees Liaison
Barbara Proctor, WTTW Board of Trustees Liaison
V.J. McAleer, WTTW Management Liaison
Yvonne Davis, Administrative Assistant

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