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A Bakery Serving Pastries Infused with Filipino Flavors is Coming to Lincoln Square

Daniel Hautzinger

Del Sur Bakery, which has recently been in residence at Side Practice Coffee, will offer creations such as longanisa croissants and calamansi hojicha buns in its own brick and mortar space next to the Damen Brown Line stop. 

Try a Healthier Longanisa Recipe from Chicago's A Taste of the Philippines

Daniel Hautzinger

The new cookbook We Cook Filipino aims to show Filipinos and others that Filipino dishes can be healthy without losing integrity, as in a recipe for the sausage longanisa from Chicago's Kathy Vega Hardy of A Taste of the Philippines. 

Savor the "Quintessentially Filipino" Flavor of Pandan in These Crinkle Cookies

Daniel Hautzinger

“It’s kind of like a grassy vanilla, maybe with some coconut or floral overtones,” says author Mia P. Manansala of pandan, which flavors numerous Southeast Asian desserts. That includes Manansala's crinkle cookie recipe, which she shares ahead of an upcoming book.
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