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Will with Davy Connor and Marcus Asper in 'Grantchester.' Photo: Masterpiece and Kudos

'Grantchester' Recap: Season 6 Episode 2

Will ends up in the middle of a dispute over an adopted child that becomes more serious when someone turns up dead. Leonard finds himself in ever-worsening trouble after receiving some blackmail.
Cyril with the Clarkes in 'Call the Midwife.' Photo: Neal Street Productions

'Call the Midwife' Recap: Season 10 Episode 2

Cyril, Lucille, and the Buckles help a family fallen on hard times, while Sister Frances seeks to help a woman who regrets the situation in which she finds herself and Trixie learns some upsetting news about the Lady Emily clinic. 
Geordie and Will on vacation in 'Grantchester.' Photo: Masterpiece and Kudos

'Grantchester' Recap: Season 6 Episode 1

As Grantchester returns, Geordie's family and everyone from the vicarage seeks a break at a holiday resort, but an unexpected death draws Will and Geordie into an investigation, while Leonard stumbles into trouble via his kindness.
Fiona and Nurse Franklin in 'Call the Midwife' Season 10. Photo: Neal Street Productions

'Call the Midwife' Recap: Season 10 Episode 1

Sister Julienne sends Trixie to work at a posh private maternity clinic as part of a plan to aid Nonnatus House, to Dr. Turner's chagrin, while two neighbors go into labor at the same time but have vastly different experiences with their birthes.
Hannah Waddingham and Pearl Mackie

Here's the Full Cast for the Upcoming 'Masterpiece' 'Tom Jones'

Emmy Award winner Hannah Waddingham of Ted Lasso has joined the cast of Masterpiece's upcoming adaptation of the classic novel Tom Jones, as has Doctor Who's Pearl Mackie and many more actors you might recognize.
Lesley Manville as Susan Ryeland in 'Magpie Murders.' Photo: Bernard Walsh

An Acclaimed Mystery Novel Is Coming to 'Masterpiece'

Masterpiece has revealed photos from Magpie Murders, an adaptation of the popular Anthony Horowitz mystery novel of the same name coming to PBS next year and starring Lesley Manville, among others.
Around the World in 80 Days with David Tennant

David Tennant Is Returning to 'Masterpiece' for 'Around the World in 80 Days'

David Tennant, a former host of Masterpiece, is returning to star as the adventurer Phileas Fogg in a new version of Jules Verne's classic Around the World in Eighty Days.
Max and Jake McCall in 'Guilt.' Photo: Expectation/Happy Tramp North

A New Season of 'Guilt' Is on the Way

Another season of Guilt has been filmed, and while we don't know when it's coming to WTTW and PBS viewers, we do know a few scant details about it. 
Jake and Max McCall in 'Guilt.' Photo: Expectation/Happy Tramp North

'Guilt' Recap: Part 2

Max makes a desperate gamble as things begin to unravel and the walls close in, while Jake and Claire decide to make fresh starts and Angie starts to discover what all she has gotten wrapped up in, as Guilt comes to a close.
Sophie Wilde and Solly McLeod

An Adaptation of "The Mother of All Rom-coms" Is Coming to PBS

Tom Jones is the mother of all rom-coms and isn’t that just what we all need after the last couple of years of misery?" says the writer of an upcoming adaptation of Henry Fielding's classic work, considered one of the first novels. 
Mark Bonnar and Jamie Sives as Max and Jake McCall in 'Guilt.' Photo: Courtesy Expectation/Happy Tramp North

'Guilt' Recap: Part 1

Mismatched brothers Max and Jake find themselves getting pulled ever further into trouble after they hit a man while driving home from a wedding. Jake begins to fall for the niece of the victim, while Max's marriage begins to fall apart. 
Henry Wilcox (Matthew MacFadyen) and Margaret Schlegel (Hayley Atwell) in 'Howards End.' Photo: Courtesy Starz Entertainment

50 Years of 'Masterpiece,' by the Author

Masterpiece is lauded for its literary adaptations. Some authors have proven to be so popular with audiences that several of their works (and sometimes their life stories as well) have been adapted for television, with some reimagined more than once.
Eliza Scarlet and William Wellington in 'Miss Scarlet and the Duke' season 2. Photo: Masterpiece

Some 'Masterpiece' Updates

As we enter the fall season, get updates on Miss Scarlet and the Duke and Unforgotten, while catching some sneak peeks at the upcoming Guilt and Grantchester.
Diana Rigg, Emilia Fox, and Charles Dance in the 1997 'Masterpiece' version of 'Rebecca'

50 Years of 'Masterpiece,' by the Book

As PBS's Masterpiece celebrates its 50 years of bringing exceptional drama and mystery to your homes, look back on some of its notable adaptations of classic books, many of which can still be streamed.
Lisa Donckers in Professor T. Photo: Lawrence Cendrowic

'Professor T' Recap: Episode 6

Lisa leads an investigation into threats on a wealthy but controversial businessman with an unusual family, while Professor T tries to avoid celebrating his birthday and the bad memories that come with it. 
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