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Professor T. Photo: Sofie Gheysens

'Professor T' Recap: Episode 4

Professor T is characteristically blunt with the parents of a child who has been kidnapped, but quickly understands the complexity of the situation. 
Fiona Grayson and Liz Baildon in 'Unforgotten.' Photo: Mainstreet Pictures LTD

'Unforgotten' Recap: Season 4 Episode 4

As Cassie and Sunny's team begins to look into their suspects, difficult pasts begin to emerge, while a prime witness from the night of Walsh's disappearance is located. 
Adelaide Tempest. Photo: Lawrence Cedrowicz

'Professor T' Recap: Episode 3

While Professor T tries to avoid his mother, he ends up in the hospital as well as in the middle of a hostage situation, where he brings to bear some surprising rules that frustrate police officers as they attempt to save hostages. 
Cassie and Dean Barton in 'Unforgotten.' Photo: Mainstreet Pictures LTD

'Unforgotten' Recap: Season 4 Episode 3

Cassie and Sunny begin interviewing four possible subjects in a decades-old case while also trying to confirm that it was in fact a murder, via witnesses and tracking down the rest of the victim. 
Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Rosie Graham, and Tom Weston-Jones

A Sneak Peek at a New Season of 'Sanditon'

Meet some of the new characters who will appear in a second season of Sanditon and get a glimpse of what lies ahead for Charlotte, Tom, Georgiana, and the Denhams as the army sets up a base in the resort town.
Lisa, Professor T, and Dan. Photo: Sofie Gheysens

'Professor T' Recap: Episode 2

When someone is poisoned at a museum reception, the detectives again turn to Professor T for help in winnowing down the suspects, who include a woman who works at the university and has gossip swirling around her. 
Ram Sidhu in 'Unforgotten.' Photo: Mainstreet Pictures LTD

'Unforgotten' Recap: Season 4 Episode 2

Ram faces a serious complaint at work and a possible medical crisis at home, but he will soon have even more to worry about, as Cassie and Sunny begin to identify the four new police officers who may have been witnesses to a murder decades ago.
Professor T. Photo: Jonathan Ford

'Professor T' Recap: Episode 1

While investigating a rape at her old college, Lisa Donckers decides to ask her former forensic criminology professor for help. Professor T is brilliant and knowledgeable, but also difficult to work with—and he has a history with Lisa's boss.
Cassie and Sunny in season four of 'Unforgotten.' Photo: Mainstreet Pictures LTD

'Unforgotten' Recap: Season 4 Episode 1

A frozen body without a head or hands appears in a scrapyard, its only identifying feature a bicep tattoo. Sunny and the team try to learn its identity while Cassie fights the police department to win a medical retirement, without luck.
Cassie and Sunny in season 4 of Unforgotten. Photo: Mainstreet Pictures LTD

A Look Ahead at Dramas and Mysteries Coming to WTTW

PBS fans love mystery, but they might not want the fates of beloved dramas to be shrouded in secrets. Discover the status of your favorite returning dramas and mysteries as well as some exciting new series. 
Douglas, Albie, and Connie in 'Us.' Photo: Masterpiece

'Us' Recap: Part 2

Douglas continues his search for Albie and keeps ending up in various forms of trouble. Has his odyssey changed him into a better father for his son, and someone that Connie wants to remain married to?
Douglas, Connie, and Albie Petersen in 'Us.' Photo: Masterpiece

'Us' Recap: Part 1

Connie wants a divorce from Douglas after more than twenty years, but first they will go on a three-week vacation with their teenaged son Albie. Douglas vows to show Connie he can change, in order to change her mind. What could go wrong?
Crown Princess Märtha and FDR in 'Atlantic Crossing.' Photo: Masterpiece/Julie Vrabelová

'Atlantic Crossing' Recap: Episode 8

FDR's health rapidly declines as victory approaches in Europe. Olav begins to reassess Märtha and attempt to resolve his differences with her, while she worries for the children after years living abroad, in the finale of Atlantic Crossing.
Crown Prince Olav in 'Atlantic Crossing.' Photo: Masterpiece

'Atlantic Crossing' Recap: Episode 7

Olav struggles with his marriage while being stuck away from his family alone in London, and begins lashing out at Märtha. A plot against their family is barely foiled, while good news finally comes in the war. 
FDR and Märtha in Atlantic Crossing. Photo: Masterpiece

'Atlantic Crossing' Recap: Episode 6

Märtha's relationship with FDR comes under increasing suspicion both in the public and amongst their families, while a possible conspiracy threatens the safety of her and her children. 
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