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Fruit and Veggie Caterpillars

Make a healthy, anthropomorphic snack for your kids from fruits and vegetables.

Pizza Pops

Make individual-sized, easily handled pizza pops with some garlic butter dipping sauce for a fun treat for kids. 

More Than a Latte: Momentum Coffee Tries to Contribute to Development in Underserved Neighborhoods

“We want to be a catalyst for development in these neighborhoods that have been abandoned for over 60 years now,” says the owner of Momentum Coffee, which has locations in under-resourced neighborhoods and offers training and mentorship programs.

2024 Guide to Farmers Markets in the Chicago Suburbs

Explore our list of the 2024 farmers markets located in Chicago’s suburbs, many of which begin in May and June. 

Gathers Tea Bar Brings a “New-School” Approach to Boba with Handcrafted Drinks

There are dozens of bubble tea bars in the Chicago area, but Gathers Tea Bar stands out for its high-quality ingredients and handcrafted drinks, many of which are brewed with precise specification to order. 

2024 Chicago Farmers Market Guide

The 2024 farmers market season is now under way, with more than two dozen neighborhood markets across Chicago offering fresh produce and a variety of other goods. Explore our list and a map to find one near you.

25 Years After Its Start in a Chicago Alley, Green City Market Continues to Connect Local, Sustainable Farms to More Chicagoans Than Ever

“Everyone should have access to locally grown, sustainably produced food,” says the executive director of Green City Market, which has changed Chicago's food scene since its inception 25 years ago.

A Taiwanese Restaurant a Lifetime in the Making is Opening in Andersonville

“I didn’t get into cooking because I wanted to cook,” says the chef and owner behind a new Taiwanese restaurant. “I got into cooking because I wanted to introduce Taiwanese food.”

Summer is Almost Here, and Festival Season is Upon Us. Here are Food Events in Chicago This May

The sun is shining in Chicago again, and another bustling summer full of food festivals has arrived. 

Burnt Tires and Bug Spray: We Asked Our Readers to Describe the Taste of Malört. They Delivered.

In a digital exclusive video from his latest special, Chicago Mysteries, Geoffrey Baer took a very tentative sip of Malört, the infamous Swedish wormwood liqueur that Chicagoans love to hate. We asked our readers how they would describe the bitter beverage.

Squirrel Snacks Trail Mix

If you’re looking for an easy and healthy snack to serve at a birthday party, these mini cups of trail mix inspired by Elinor Wonders Why are a great choice.

Donkey Hodie Birthday Cake

Celebrate a birthday with a cake decorated to look like the face of the PBS Kids star Donkey Hodie!

Four Years After Marijuana was Legalized in Illinois, Cannabis-Infused Food and Drink is All Grown Up – And Still Has a Ways to Go

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Illinois in 2020 brought broader cultural acceptance, stricter guardrails, and $1.6 billion in sales in 2023 alone, the bar has gotten higher on cannabis-infused food and drinks, from cake mix to drinks to gummies to hot sauce.

Mary Berry's Passion Fruit Tart

Try a recipe for a passion fruit-flavored take on lemon tart from the grande dame of British cookery. It's perfect for a sunny spring gathering. 

"Ramadan is a Whole Way of Life": Breaking the Fast and Feeding Those in Need with the Muslim Practice of Iftar

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims who are able fast during daylight, then break a fast at sundown with iftar, a meal that is often used to feed those in need as well.