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A slice of Imani's Original bean pie, with a cream cheese-frosted slice in the background

A Chicago Baker of the Humble Bean Pie

Imani Muhammad bakes pies with an unexpected filling: navy beans. Bean pie is a dessert important to African American Muslims, but it’s hard to find, even in Chicago, which houses the headquarters of the Nation of Islam.
Baked artichoke dip with goat cheese and pesto from Uncommon Ground

Baked Artichoke Dip from Uncommon Ground

The Academy Awards are this Sunday. Need to bring something to a party, or want an extra dip for your own gathering? Try this baked artichoke dip with goat cheese and pesto from the stalwart Chicago restaurant Uncommon Ground. 
Buffalo Mac 'n' Cheese from Rockit Bar & Grill in Chicago

Buffalo Chicken Mac 'n' Cheese

Super Bowl LIV is this Sunday. Add your own appropriately themed dish and make this Buffalo Chicken Mac 'n' Cheese from Chicago's recently closed Rockit Bar & Grill, recipe courtesy chef Amanda Downing. 
Kraków-Style Roasted Duck from 'Flavor of Poland'

Kraków-Style Roasted Duck from 'Flavor of Poland'

The new show Flavor of Poland aims to introduce Americans to the vibrancy of Polish history, culture, and food, as host Aleksandra August travels across the country learning about traditions and recipes. Here, August offers a recipe for Kraków-Style Roasted Duck.
Aleksandra August, the host of Flavor of Poland

Beyond Pierogi: A New Series Introducing the Rich Variety of Polish Cuisine and Culture to Americans

Flavor of Poland is a new cooking and travel show with Chicago roots that explores the cuisine of Poland, which is much more vibrant and multi-faceted than most Americans realize. "It’s got so much richness, and there’s so much flavor," says the host.
Food at Lincoln Square's LC Pho n Grill. Photo: Sandy Noto for WTTW

Moving Beyond Phở at a Revamped Chicago Vietnamese Restaurant

After remodeling, Lincoln Square's LC Phở n Grill reopened with an expanded menu that features harder-to-find Vietnamese dishes that the husband-and-wife owners workshopped while exploring Vietnamese restaurants in California.
Chicago's Han Bat. Photo: Sandy Noto for WTTW

Chicago's One-of-a-Kind Korean Soup Specialist

Han Bat serves basically one thing: the milky, restorative Korean soup known as seolleongtang, which takes hours and hours to make. "When [Koreans] come to visit Chicago, they come over here, because... we are the only one who does this kind of food," says the owner.
Sisig from Isla Pilipina. Photo: Sandy Noto for WTTW

A Filipino Restaurant Born Out of a Love for Mom's Cooking

"I never really loved high school lunches or any of that, anything outside of what my mom prepared in the kitchen," says Ray Espiritu, the owner of Isla Pilipina in Lincoln Square. When he didn't know what to do after graduating, he decided to take over a restaurant.
Clockwise from left: base camp potato, momo, thenthuk, kwati, and karela from Himalayan Sherpa Kitchen. Photo: Sandy Noto for WTTW

A Chicago Restaurant Where Indian and Chinese Influences Meet

Himalayan Sherpa Kitchen serves many hard-to-find Nepali specialties, which combine Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese culinary influences, unlike many other Nepali restaurants in Chicago, which offer mostly North Indian dishes.
Pumpkin Seed Rolls from Christopher Kimball's Milk Street. Photo: Connie Miller of CB Creatives

Pumpkin Seed Rolls for Thanksgiving from 'Milk Street'

Instead of serving bland rolls that are simply vehicles for butter or sopping up gravy this Thanksgiving, try something that is seasonally appropriate and has its own flavor, in this recipe for Pumpkin Seed Rolls from Christopher Kimball's Milk Street.
Andrea Andrade preparing a pabellón (shredded beef, black beans, fried plantains, cheese) arepa at Sweet Pepper Venezuelan Food Bar. Photo: Sandy Noto for WTTW

A New Life in Chicago Serving an Old Food That Represents Their Home

Andrea Andrade and Jose Navea didn't plan to stay in Chicago when they came to visit. Now they operate their own restaurant serving arepas, a nostalgic staple food of their home country of Venezuela. "You can't say Venezuela and not say arepas," Navea says. 
Shrimp Scampi from America's Test Kitchen. Photo: Carl Tremblay

America's Favorite Recipe from 'America's Test Kitchen'

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, America's Test Kitchen asked viewers to vote on their favorite recipes, and this Shrimp Scampi came out on top. Try it at home then post about it on social media tagged with #ScampiChallenge to join the fun! 
Alpana Singh on the set of Check, Please! for season 19. Photo: WTTW/Ken Carl

Alpana Singh on One of the World's Toughest Exams

More people have won a Nobel Prize than have passed the infamously challenging exam to become a Master Sommelier, and Alpana Singh is the youngest woman to have ever passed, when she was 26. She discusses the rigors of the exam and what draws people to the wine world. 
Blueberry Jam Cake from 'Cook's Country.' Photo: Joe Keller

A Stunning Blueberry Jam Cake from 'Cook's Country'

In our Instagram era, visually appealing desserts dominate social media. But instead of committing to a fad, try dressing up a simple classic like a blueberry jam cake with a stunning decorative effect, in this recipe from the pros at Cook's Country. Plus, it will still taste great, not just look great. 
Texas Caviar by Vivian Howard on Pati's Mexican Table

Vivian Howard's Texas Caviar, from 'Pati's Mexican Table'

This week on Pati's Mexican Table, Pati Jinich is joined by her friend and fellow public television chef and host Vivian Howard to share both south-of-the-border and Southern recipes, including one for a simple side or dip, Howard's "Texas Caviar."
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