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Funny Woman

'Funny Woman' Recap: Episode 6

Daniel Hautzinger

The team reunites for a final episode that they hope might lead to another series, but there are still complications with which Barbara must wrestle. 

'Funny Woman' Recap: Episode 5

Daniel Hautzinger

Barbara is suspended from her show and forced to stay at home out of sight of the press. The team tries to keep producing the show without her, to their dismay. 

'Funny Woman' Recap: Episode 4

Daniel Hautzinger

Barbara and Diane both continue to find more success, although perhaps their news isn't as good as they like. And Barbara endangers her career by accident, thanks to her relationship with Clive. 

'Funny Woman' Recap: Episode 3

Daniel Hautzinger

Barbara's career begins to take off as her father suffers from ill health. She finds a friend in a journalist and a lover in a member of the team working on her sitcom.

'Funny Woman' Recap: Episode 2

Daniel Hautzinger

Barbara gets an opportunity to be in a sitcom, but first has to convince people to let her as she tries to make it big.

'Funny Woman' Recap: Episode 1

Daniel Hautzinger

After Barbara Parker wins a beauty contest in her hometown, she goes to London to make it big. But it's 1964, and the world is misogynistic.

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