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The Bloomsbury Handbook of Indian Cuisine and one of its editors, Colleen Taylor Sen

The Co-Editor of a New Encyclopedia of Indian Cuisine Explores Her Neighborhood, Along Devon Avenue

Daniel Hautzinger

Colleen Taylor Sen has lived in West Ridge near the South Asian mecca of Devon Avenue for fifty years, before there even were South Asian restaurants and shops. She has written numerous books about Indian food, although she came to writing them later in life.
Tofu Tikkā from Sheil Shukla's cookbook Plant-Based India

A Vegan Tikkā Recipe from a Chicagoland Doctor with an Indian Cookbook

Daniel Hautzinger

Looking for a creative outlet while working as a doctor during the pandemic, Sheil Shukla developed recipes and photographed them for a cookbook based in part on the recipes of his family that also emphasizes healthful eating through veganism.
Lime soda

Indian Spiced Lime Soda for Holi from Cookbook Author Anupy Singla

Daniel Hautzinger

Chicago cookbook author and food entrepreneur Anupy Singla shares a recipe for a refreshing drink to celebrate Holi, the Hindu festival of colors that takes place around the beginning of spring. "I like to have options of natural sodas and drinks that everyone can partake in," she says. 
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