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A New Documentary Digs into the Mental Health Struggles of Farmers

Daniel Hautzinger

Independent Lens' Greener Pastures follows four Midwestern farmers as they face challenges outside their control that are inherent to their profession.  "There’s so much of a stigma out there that you can’t have a bad day," says one. 

Love It or Hate It, Cincinnati Chili Is Coming to Chicago Thanks to a Michelin-Starred Chef

Daniel Hautzinger

After steering Atelier to a Michelin star in its first year, Chef Christian Hunter is now opening a Cincinnati chili parlor and bar that will celebrate the Midwest.

New Cookbook Argues Midwestern Food is More than Casseroles and Cheese. But Here's a Recipe for Fried Cheese Curds Anyway

Daniel Hautzinger

Paul Fehribach, the chef and owner of Big Jones in Andersonville, explores the stories behind Midwestern foods familiar and lesser-known in a new book, arguing that it deserves to be taken seriously. “What I would like to do is present it as a beautiful regional cuisine that has a history," he says. 

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