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Rudy Lozano's Multigenerational Legacy and the Growing Power of Chicago's Latino Community

Daniel Hautzinger

Rudy Lozano sought more political power for Latinos in Chicago, and although his life was cut short, his legacy lives on in his friends and family members who continue his political campaigns and activism. 

From the Archive: Pilsen

Daniel Hautzinger

Revisit a 1981 WTTW documentary about Pilsen in advance of a new documentary about the community called My Neighborhood. Many of the issues remain the same, but the community has also been transformed in the more than thirty years between the shows.

My Neighborhood: Pilsen

Daniel Hautzinger

“I believe if you connect people deeply enough to the experiences of others, they will have the opportunity to discover in themselves their potential to create change.” This could be the mission statement of WTTW's My Neighborhood: Pilsen initiative.
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