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A Simple Greek Chickpea Dish from a New, Healthful Cookbook by PBS Host Diane Kochilas

Daniel Hautzinger

The Ikaria Way: 100 Delicious Plant-Based Recipes Inspired by My Homeland, the Greek Island of Longevity by Diane Kochilas harnesses the lessons of one of the world's long-lived "blue zones" for recipes like a chickpea stew with roasted vegetables.

A Delicious 15-Minute Recipe from a New Chinese Cookbook Published by 'America's Test Kitchen'

Daniel Hautzinger

Cold Sesame Noodles are one of the simplest dishes in America's Test Kitchen's new A Very Chinese Cookbook, but also "one of the most delicious," says its author Kevin Pang, a Wilmette resident and former Chicago Tribune writer. 

Make the Soup That Started Everything for Chicago's Beloved, Stalwart Lula Cafe

Daniel Hautzinger

Jason Hammel's first taste of his wife's cooking was this cabbage soup. He and she started a soup business before opening the ahead-of-its-time Lula Cafe, now in its 24th year and still one of Chicago's favorite restaurants. A new cookbook highlights its recipes and stories. 

How a Small Chicago Tofu Company Became the Supplier to Whole Foods, a Nestlé Brand, and Top Restaurants

Daniel Hautzinger

If you've eaten tofu in Chicago, you've probably eaten Phoenix Bean's product. Jenny Yang bought the company on something of a whim in the mid-2000s, but now it has had to expand into a new factory to keep up with demand, while still only using Illinois-grown soybeans.

A Fast Weeknight Meal of Chinese Stir-Fried Tomatoes and Eggs

Daniel Hautzinger

Tomatoes and eggs are a classic combination in many Chinese home kitchens, and it's no mystery why. The stir-fry comes together quickly and packs aromatics and sweetness into a filling meal. Try a recipe for it from America's Test Kitchen.

Palestinian-American Cookbook Author Shares Her Story—And A Recipe for Bulgur Stuffed Peppers

Meredith Francis

Heifa Odeh, creator of the food blog Fufu's Kitchen, has a new cookbook out called Dine in Palestine, which has traditional dishes as well as Palestinian-inspired recipes with creative twists. She shares her story and her recipe for flafleh mahshi bil burghol, or bulgur stuffed peppers. 

A Happy Accident Produced This Roasted Baby Artichoke Recipe from New Cookbook by Monteverde’s Sarah Grueneberg

Samantha Nelson

Monteverde Restaurant & Pastificio chef and owner Sarah Grueneberg has a new cookbook with recipes for vegetables and—what her restaurant is perhaps best known for—pasta. The James Beard Award winner shares her recipe for roasted baby artichokes, which came about by accident.

A Vegan Tikkā Recipe from a Chicagoland Doctor with an Indian Cookbook

Daniel Hautzinger

Looking for a creative outlet while working as a doctor during the pandemic, Sheil Shukla developed recipes and photographed them for a cookbook based in part on the recipes of his family that also emphasizes healthful eating through veganism.

A Recipe for a Vegan Sri Lankan Curry from Oak Park Writer Mary Anne Mohanraj

Daniel Hautzinger

Kaliya curry is a traditional curry eaten by Sri Lankan Muslims that features fried eggplant, plantain, and potato. The Oak Park writer Mary Anne Mohanraj, who has a vegan Sri Lankan cookbook coming out this fall, shares her recipe.

A ‘Measure-with-Your-Heart’ Recipe for Village Salad from Greektown Mainstay Nine Muses

Meredith Francis

Chicago's Greektown may be a smaller community than it was several decades ago, but the owner of neighborhood mainstay Nine Muses Bar and Grill says it's still the place to go for authentic Greek food. He shares his restaurant’s famous Village Salad recipe – which involves a little bit of “measuring from the heart.”

"Everybody is Welcome": The Sikh Practice of Langar, a Free Meal Where Everyone is Equal

Daniel Hautzinger

After any service at a Sikh gurdwara, or temple, the free meal of langar is served. Anybody is welcome, and all of the work for the meal is voluntary, an expression of selfless service. Learn about langar and try a recipe commonly served for it. 
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