Community Advisory Board Members

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The following persons currently serve on WTTW's Community Advisory Board:

Joseph Morris – Chairperson
Ava Holly Berland – Vice Chairperson
Mary Lou Mockus – Secretary
Lennette Meredith & Norma Sutton, Membership Committee Co-Chairs
Norma Sutton & Mary Lou Mockus, Nominating Committee Co-Chairs
Barbara Cragan, Program Committee Chair
Maggie Steinz, Educational Research and Development Chair
Yevette Lewis Brown, Communication &Technology Committee Chair
Jeff Berkowitz, Cultural Research & Development Committee Chair
Sharon Meroni, Outreach Committee Chair

Berland, Ava Holly
Berkowitz, Jeff
Bracey, Helen
Brown, Dr. Yevette
Buckner, Susan
Campbell, Leatrice
Cragan, Barbara
Frost, Kimberly
Goldstein, Janice
Jackson, Linda
Kimbrough, Derrick
Kurzejka, Dr. Ron
Meredith, Lennette
Meroni, Sharon
Mockus, Mary Lou
Moran, Edmund Jr.
Morris, Joseph
Penn, Heather
Steinz, Maggie
Summers, Renee
Sutton, Norma
Swartzman, Arlene
Szerlag, Chet
Tandaric, Rita
Townsend, Felicia
Vaughn, Christopher

Barbara Proctor, WTTW Board of Trustees Liaison;
Michael Gonzalez, WTTW Board of Trustees Liaison;
V.J. McAleer, WTTW Management Liaison
Yvonne Davis, Administrative Assistant