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Mask of Tutankhamun. Photo: Isabelle Sutton/BBC
Mask of Tutankhamun. Photo: Isabelle Sutton/BBC

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Each month we’ll bring you a few Passport picks. With Halloween coming up, here are some spooky shows to get you in the spirit, from fictional to real mysteries, tombs to ruins.

American Masters – Edgar Allen Poe: Buried Alive

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with the master of the macabre, Edgar Allen Poe? This American Masters, starring Denis O’Hare as Poe, dives into the life of the inventor of the detective story and examines the mysteries and misrepresentations surrounding him.

Death Comes to Pemberley

Jane Austen may not be known for her mysteries – but this two-part Masterpiece adaptation of P.D. James’ novel picks up after the events of Pride and Prejudice, when a murder has occurred on the eve of Pemberley’s annual ball. Your beloved Austen characters are here, but romance is no longer the main thing on their mind.

Secrets of the Dead

There’s a lot to choose from in this series: King Tut, Van Gogh, ancient Mexican cities, terracotta warriors. If you love mysteries but wish they had a bit more fact, this series is perfect: it like a detective story about misunderstood or little-known real-life events.

NOVA: Secrets of the Sky Tombs

More secrets from the past, but this time viewed through NOVA’s scientific lens. Investigate along with researchers as they explore the Himalayas in search of traces of the earliest settlers of those remote mountains. Search through artifacts and tombs for evidence of the belief systems of those peoples.

Climbers Pete Athans and Jake Norton excavating and photographing the Samdzong Sky Tombs, Upper Mustang, Nepal. Photo: Liesl ClarkClimbers excavating and photographing the Samdzong Sky Tombs in Upper Mustang, Nepal.Photo: Liesl Clark

Ancient Invisible Cities

They may not be spooky, but the ancient buildings, ruins, and architecture of Cairo, Athens, and Istanbul are magnificent. Using 3D scanning technology, Ancient Invisible Cities reveals some of the hidden layers of history in this legendary metropolises and explores the stunning achievements of the civilizations that have lived in and built them.

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