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Stories by Daniel Hautzinger

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Photo: Stephanie Berger
October 16, 2019 | Daniel Hautzinger
The Chicago Humanities Festival is an ideal series of events for PBS viewers: authors and speakers both popular and academic, wide-ranging topics, both serious and light-hearted discussions. Here's a rundown of the several programs with connections to WTTW.
A courtyard in the Carl Street Studios. Photo: Eric Allix Rogers
October 15, 2019 | Daniel Hautzinger
On October 19 and 20, you have the chance to peek behind those facades you’ve always wondered about, during Open House Chicago, when more than 350 locations open their doors to the public. It's hard to choose from so much variety, so we chose some highlights. 
The Feeling of Being Watched film. Image: Watched Film, LLC
October 14, 2019 | Daniel Hautzinger
Assia Boundaoui's tight-knit Muslim community in a southwestern suburb of Chicago has long suspected they have been under government surveillance. Boundaoui sets off to confirm their fears and win transparency from the FBI in The Feeling of Being Watched. We spoke to her about the film and surveillance. 
Amina Chaudhury in Press. Photo: Lookout Point / Ludovic Robert
October 13, 2019 | Daniel Hautzinger
As Amina angers her reporters with a business decision to increase revenue, Holly investigates high mortality rates at a hospital. Ed is forced to cover the entertainment beat in a humiliating way in order to dig up gossip, and Duncan gives up on his marriage.
Spyros in season 4 of the Durrells in Corfu. Photo: Sid Gentle Films 2019
October 13, 2019 | Daniel Hautzinger
When Louisa finally meets Spyros's wife and politely asks her to join the Durrells on a picnic excursion, an extremely awkward day ensues, in which nearly everything goes wrong. Margo finds her way in England, while Larry jaunts off on more adventures. 
Reality Allah. Photo: WTTW and Zakkiyyah Najeebah
October 11, 2019 | Daniel Hautzinger
FIRSTHAND: GUN VIOLENCE, a new WTTW digital series, follows the stories of the real people behind the statistics of gun violence in Chicago who are living with the repercussions and the psychological trauma it leaves behind. 
Hawaiian Macaroni Salad from 'Cook's Country.' Photo: Joe Heller
October 11, 2019 | Daniel Hautzinger
Americans love mayo-based salads: egg, tuna, chicken, potato. But Hawaiians in particular prize macaroni salad, serving it as a side in the ubiquitous plate lunch found on the islands. Try Cook's Country take on this simple classic. 
The Chicago Tribune from October 8, 1969, with a headline about the Days of Rage. Image: From WTTW's Chicago Stories
October 8, 2019 | Daniel Hautzinger
50 years ago, a radical chapter of Students for a Democratic Society tried to "bring the war home" in protest of America's continuing involvement in Vietnam by staging militant demonstrations in Chicago that they called the Days of Rage. 
Duncan Allen (BEN CHAPLIN) and Lucy Redford (LAURA JANE MATTHEWSON) in Press. Photo: Lookout Point /Colin Hutton
October 6, 2019 | Daniel Hautzinger
As an editor at a high-minded paper tries to investigate a hit-and-run involving the police, a rival, sensationalist paper manipulates a government official and the parents of a soccer player who committed suicide in search of a popular story. 
Daphne (ELLI TRINGOU) & Leslie Durrell (CALLUM WOODHOUSE) in The Durrells in Corfu. Photo: Sid Gentle Films 2019
October 6, 2019 | Daniel Hautzinger
Margo decides to assert her independence by disappearing from the house, leaving Louisa stuck with a bunch of men, including an over-the-top army colonel who enlists Leslie to go hunting, much to Gerry's chagrin.
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