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Stories by Daniel Hautzinger

Mary Berry's Ultimate Christmas
November 23, 2022 | Daniel Hautzinger
December is holiday season, and we've got a Mary Berry-palooza of festive specials to help you celebrate, along with a slate of Chicago-related documentaries on a Nobel Prize winner, education and gentrification, and an architect, plus more.
Eliza Scarlet in season 2 of Miss Scarlet and the Duke
November 22, 2022 | Daniel Hautzinger
Eliza Scarlet of Miss Scarlet and the Duke may be fictional, but she does have a few real-life historical analogues of trailblazing female detectives and forensics experts, including in Chicago. 
Updated beef wellington from America's Test Kitchen
November 21, 2022 | Daniel Hautzinger
A Beef Wellington is a great dish for the holidays: impressive as the centerpiece of a feast, filling and able to sate plenty of people, involved in a fun way, and an uncommon dish—when's the last time you ate it? Plus, you don't have to do it all in one day.
Michael by Annika's burning car
November 20, 2022 | Daniel Hautzinger
Michael is uncomfortably close to the team's latest case, in which his brother's girlfriend is found dead and many signs point to his brother as a culprit. The case also puts Annika in danger, and reveals a secret about Michael. 
Susan Ryeland in Magpie Murders
November 20, 2022 | Daniel Hautzinger
Susan finally figures out who killed Alan, which means that she also gets to learn who did it in his final book, at last! The journey to the mysteries' solutions is not without danger, disappointment, and mishap, however. 
William and Eliza in Miss Scarlet and the Duke season 2
November 20, 2022 | Daniel Hautzinger
Eliza and William confront an imminent major change in their relationship while Eliza tries to find out who tried to kill her rival detective, Patrick Nash, and ends up in danger herself. 
Geoff Bennett and Amna Nawaz
November 16, 2022 | Daniel Hautzinger
Judy Woodruff is stepping down as anchor of PBS NewsHour on December 30, 2022, and she will be replaced by chief correspondent Amna Nawaz and PBS News Weekend anchor Geoff Bennett on January 2, 2023.
Conleth Hill as Alan Conway in Magpie Murders
November 15, 2022 | Daniel Hautzinger
The author Anthony Horowitz adapted his own novel, Magpie Murders, for television, so the two versions share the same vision. But there are differences based on the differing mediums—we explain a few of them here. 
Annika and Morgan
November 13, 2022 | Daniel Hautzinger
Annika and Morgan are both keeping their love lives secret from each other, while Annika investigates the death of a man at his 30th anniversary party on his own boat. 
Fraser, Atticus Pünd, and Chubb in Magpie Murders
November 13, 2022 | Daniel Hautzinger
Atticus Pünd follows a hunch and determines how Mary Blakiston died, while Susan thinks she has figured out who killed Alan Conway—and it's someone upsettingly close to her.