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Stories by Daniel Hautzinger

Thursday and Morse in season 8 of Endeavour
March 31, 2023 | Daniel Hautzinger
The final, ninth season of Endeavour, which consists of three episodes, has an airdate. It will also be accompanied by a new mystery, and a special looking back on the show.
Ruth Ellen Church on a cooking television show with children
March 30, 2023 | Daniel Hautzinger
Even today there is a huge disparity in the number of women head chefs, but achieving success in the food industry earlier on was even less common. Meet some of the women who influenced Chicago and America's attitudes towards food. 
Damarr Brown
March 29, 2023 | Daniel Hautzinger
The finalists for the James Beard Awards, one of the food industry's biggest recognitions in America, have been announced. Chicago has five nominees, plus an honorable mention who recently moved to the city. 
Madame du Barry on a horse in Versailles in Marie Antoinette
March 26, 2023 | Daniel Hautzinger
Marie Antoinette is beginning to be enmeshed in the rivalries of Versailles, including that between the wily Madame du Barry, who has the king's ear, and most of the rest of Versailles. 
Alexander and Samuel Colbourne in Sanditon
March 26, 2023 | Daniel Hautzinger
Alexander fetches his brother to Sanditon in the hopes that he can be of use, while Georgiana faces the prospect of having her inheritance taken from her. Arthur prepars the town for a royal visit, and Tom deals with a straight-talking investor and his plans for Sanditon. 
Lucille with Tommy Woodleigh in Call the Midwife
March 26, 2023 | Daniel Hautzinger
Lucille continues to struggle with depression even as she helps a fiercely independent older man in Poplar. Freed some administrative duties by Sister Veronica's arrival, Sister Julienne relishes doing more work with patients, like a woman with breast cancer. 
J'Nai Bridges performing in "A Knee on the Neck" with the National Philharmonic
March 24, 2023 | Daniel Hautzinger
J'Nai Bridges, the subject of a new American Masters documentary, was a member of the Lyric Opera of Chicago's Ryan Opera Center for three years, and is currently singing Carmen at the Lyric. She has also worked with the Chicago area composer Shawn E. Okpebholo.
Chocolate pudding with coffee-soaked black cherries
March 22, 2023 | Daniel Hautzinger
"Being a native Michigander, I'm legally required to love cherries," Abra Berens writes jokingly in her new, fruit-focused cookbook Pulp. Try a recipe from it that pairs the raw sweetness of cherries with decadent chocolate pudding. 
Abra Berens biting an apple under an apple tree
March 22, 2023 | Daniel Hautzinger
“Fewer and fewer people just don’t know farmers, and so they don’t understand what goes into it,” says Abra Berens, who has received national attention for both her produce-focused cookbooks and her literal farm-to-table cooking at a farm in southwest Michigan.
Marie Antoinette entering Versailles
March 19, 2023 | Daniel Hautzinger
The fourteen-year-old Marie Antoinette is sent away from home to marry an equally young heir to the French throne in order to cement an alliance between the Habsburg Empire and France. It is her duty to produce an heir.