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A First Look at 'Miss Scarlet' Season 5 – And a New Cast Member

Daniel Hautzinger
Alexander Blake smiles
Alexander Blake is a former soldier who replaces William at Scotland Yard. Credit: Masterpiece

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We already knew that William Wellington, the titular duke of Miss Scarlet and the Duke, would not be returning, leaving the show to be renamed Miss Scarlet in its upcoming fifth season, which is filming now. But now we have news that Eliza Scarlet will have a new counterpart at Scotland Yard to replace the Duke and antagonize and perhaps occasionally charm her. 

Alexander Blake is a former soldier who replaces William as detective inspector at Scotland Yard. While he is not shocked to see a woman detective, he won't give Eliza work because he has resolved not to work with private detectives. Nevertheless, they continually run into each other as they both work cases in London. 

Blake will be played by Tom Durant Pritchard, who has appeared in an episode of Endeavour, The Crown, and more.

We'll have to wait to see how their relationship plays out!

Kate Phillips and Tom Durant Pritchard sit across from each other and laugh
Kate Phillips and Tom Durant Pritchard are filming the fifth season of 'Miss Scarlet' now. Credit: Masterpiece