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Howards End

'Howards End' Recap: Part 4

Julia Maish

Margaret works to save her relationship with Henry and Helen both, but Helen disappears to Germany and refuses much further contact. When she eventualyl returns to England, all the characters meet and events get out of control, in the final part of Howards End.

'Howards End' Recap: Part 3

Julia Maish

Margaret receives an unexpected offer from Henry, while he is impressed by her independence. Helen is angered by the increasing difficulties of Leonard's life, and her attempt to redress them leads to a crisis in Margaret's life. 

'Howards End' Recap: Part 2

Julia Maish

A surprising request from Ruth Wilcox and a change of circumstances draws Henry Wilcox closer to Margaret Schlegel, while she and Helen attempt to help the principled Leonard Bast. The Schlegels face a decision as they look for new housing.

'Howards End' Recap: Part 1

Julia Maish

Sisters Margaret and Helen Schlegel are independent and idealistic, but their increasing connection to the affluent, industrialist Wilcox family causes some tension. The downtrodden Leonard Bast offers a completely different perspective from either family. 
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