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Julia Child

Julia Child Is the Star of a New Fine Dining Menu from Grant Achatz’s Next

Daniel Hautzinger

Grant Achatz, one of Chicago's most acclaimed chefs, honors Julia Child with a menu of elevated versions of dishes from her cookbooks and TV show at his shape-shifting Next restaurant.

All of Playlist's Chef's Flight Content

Daniel Hautzinger

American Masters Chef's Flight is over, but you can still stream the documentaries and catch up on our posts with recipes, interviews, features and more about these four icons of American cuisine.

From the Archive: Julia Child

Daniel Hautzinger

In a 1978 interview with WTTW's John Callaway, Julia Child discusses food snobs, nutrition freaks, and children in the kitchen. "My point is to make cooking easy for people so that they can enjoy it and do it, rather than making it a kind of art for the 'we happy few,'" she says.

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