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Lidia Bastianich

"My Way of Thanking America": Lidia Bastianich Celebrates Immigrants Like Herself in a New Special

Daniel Hautzinger

The celebrity chef Lidia Bastianich came to America as a child and found a new home and life. In a new special, she visits, cooks, and eats with immigrants, especially those who have settled in less urban parts of America, as a way of thanking her adopted home country. 

A Recipe for Lidia Bastianich's Escarole and White Bean Soup

Daniel Hautzinger

In her new special Lidia Celebrates America: Flavors That Define Us, Lidia Bastianich brings a hearty soup of escarole and white bean stew to a potluck dinner of all-star immigrant Washington, D.C. chefs. Try the recipe. 

Celebrate the 10th Season of Lidia's Kitchen with an Arancini Recipe

Daniel Hautzinger

Lidia Bastianich is celebrating two big anniversaries this fall: 25 years on public television, and the 10th season of Lidia's Kitchen. She's still going strong, sharing recipes such as this one for arancini filled with cheese, peas, and prosciutto.

Lidia's Broccoli di Rabe all' Aglio E Olio

Daniel Hautzinger

Here's hoping you don't have to get close enough to smell anyone's breath today – it might be stinky, because it's National Garlic Day! What better way to celebrate that wonderful ingredient than in a light simple recipe that lets its flavor shine through, like Lidia Bastianich's Broccoli Rabe with Olive Oil and Garlic, or "Broccoli di Rabe all' Aglio e Olio," for you true Italians. Broccoli rabe has been eaten by Italians for centuries, but has only recently found its way into the trendy American kitchen.

Lidia's Italian-American Lasagna

Daniel Hautzinger

July 29 is Lasagna Day, the perfect opportunity to invite a bunch of friends and family over and make a hearty lasagna to share with them. Don't have a recipe? Try Lidia Bastianich's classic Italian-American version, filled with her own meat sauce.

"Food Tells Us Who We Are": An Interview with Lidia Bastianich

Daniel Hautzinger

Cookbook author, TV chef, and restaurant owner Lidia Bastianich just won a James Beard Award for her TV special "Holiday for Heroes." She told us she made the special to "say my thank you to the veterans for maintaining this freedom that we have."
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