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Paul Fehribach sits at an outdoor table in front of Lola's Coney Island under an umbrella, holding a coney dog

New Cookbook Argues Midwestern Food is More than Casseroles and Cheese. But Here's a Recipe for Fried Cheese Curds Anyway

Daniel Hautzinger

Paul Fehribach, the chef and owner of Big Jones in Andersonville, explores the stories behind Midwestern foods familiar and lesser-known in a new book, arguing that it deserves to be taken seriously. “What I would like to do is present it as a beautiful regional cuisine that has a history," he says. 
A pot of mushroom jalapeno matzo ball soup seen from above, with a wooden spoon to the side

A Mexican Matzo Ball Soup from Pati Jinich

Daniel Hautzinger

With Hispanic Heritage Month, Mexican Independence Day, Rosh Hashanah, and the premiere of a new season of Pati's Mexican Table, it's the perfect time to try Pati Jinich's matzo ball soup with Mexican flavors, adapted from her grandmother.
Khichdi with toppings

Simple Khichdi

Daniel Hautzinger

One of the comfort foods of India, akin to China's congee, khicidi is a blend of rice, dal (or lentils), and butter and warming spices. It is often given by moms to their children after an illness, and is a staple food for those struggling on very little. It is a perfect fall dish and can be paired with mango pickle to spice it up.

A dish of beef bulgogi on a table with chopsticks on a napkin, kimchi in a bowl, and rice in a dish

A Beef Bulgogi Recipe from 'Christopher Kimball's Milk Street'

Daniel Hautzinger

You don't have to go to a Korean barbecue restaurant, as delightful as they are, to enjoy the utterly satisfying—and quick-cooking—meal of beef bulgogi, which makes a great weeknight meal.
S'mores bars with toasted meringue on top of a brownie and crust

S'mores Bars from 'Milk Street'

Daniel Hautzinger

Try a no-campfire-necessary s'mores treat from Christopher Kimball's Milk Street, which will soon see the premiere of its seventh season on WTTW. The recipe is adapted from one by Southern baking legend Cheryl Day. 
Three fish tacos with avocado and pickled red onion and slaw in a stand

Summery Fish Tacos from 'Cook's Country'

Daniel Hautzinger

Continue to enjoy summer as it winds down with a recipe for fish tacos from Cook's Country that comes from the show's upcoming new season and is inspired by a version served at a San Diego restaurant. 
Lamar Moore holding up his Tiger Shrimp Ceviche dish

A Recipe for Tiger Shrimp Ceviche from Bronzeville Winery Chef Lamar Moore

Lisa Futterman

Chef Lamar Moore of Bronzeville Winery talks about running a restaurant in his own neighborhood and the importance of mentoring young chefs. He also shares his recipe for Tiger Shrimp Ceviche with Ají Limo Leche de Tigre.
Kibbeh on a plate with rice, greens, and other vegetables.

A Recipe for Baked Kibee from Imee's Mediterranean Kitchen

Amy Bizzarri

Imee's Mediterranean Kitchen is a Loop restaurant born out of three generations of Lebanese women cooking for their families. Owner Nicole Nassif shares her recipe for baked kibee or kibbeh, a combination of bulgur, ground meat, and spices. 
Pork Souvlakia on skewers on a grill

Pork Souvlakia with Tzatziki from 'The Great American Recipe'

Daniel Hautzinger

Ted Pappas, a Chicago area contestant on the second season of PBS's The Great American Recipe, shared his recipe for "Greek kebabs," a weeknight staple in his house, along with his mother's recipe for tzatziki.
Lidia Bastianich holding a pot with her escarole and white bean soup

A Recipe for Lidia Bastianich's Escarole and White Bean Soup

Daniel Hautzinger

In her new special Lidia Celebrates America: Flavors That Define Us, Lidia Bastianich brings a hearty soup of escarole and white bean stew to a potluck dinner of all-star immigrant Washington, D.C. chefs. Try the recipe. 
A cup of chai tea next to dark chocolate orange sufflee cake and a tulip plant

A Masala Chai Recipe from ‘Great American Baking Show’ Contestant and UIC Med Student Nirali Chauhan

Meredith Francis

For Nirali Chauhan, a UIC medical school student and a contestant on the new season of The Great American Baking Show, baking is both an art and a science. Chauhan shares her journey to the famous baking tent and a recipe for her family's chai. 
Mushroom Farro Risotto by Chef Devon Quinn from Eden restaurant in Chicago

Mushroom Farro Risotto from Chef Devon Quinn of Eden

Daniel Hautzinger

Farro risotto "has some room for error," says Chef Devon Quinn of the Avondale restaurant Eden. "Compared to a regular risotto with rice that you can overcook, farro is a lot more lenient." 
A chocolate blancmange topped with whipped cream and spices

A Recipe for a Cousin of Panna Cotta from the 'Call the Midwife' Era

Daniel Hautzinger

Blancmange is similar to panna cotta, a simple custard-like set dessert that was once quite popular, especially in Europe. Try a recipe for it from Call the Midwife: The Official Cookbook.
Chocolate pudding with coffee-soaked black cherries

A Recipe for Chocolate Pudding with Coffee-Soaked Black Cherries from an Admired Michigan Chef

Daniel Hautzinger

"Being a native Michigander, I'm legally required to love cherries," Abra Berens writes jokingly in her new, fruit-focused cookbook Pulp. Try a recipe from it that pairs the raw sweetness of cherries with decadent chocolate pudding. 
Milk Street's Orange Cranberry Soda Bread with White Chocolate Chunks

A Recipe for Orange Cranberry Soda Bread with White Chocolate Chunks

Daniel Hautzinger

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the simple but utterly worthwhile soda bread, in a version from Christopher Kimball's Milk Street that is brightened by orange and dried cranberries and slightly sweetened by white chocolate chunks. 
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