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Xīhóngshì Chăo Jīdàn (Chinese Stir-Fried Tomatoes and Eggs) from America's Test Kitchen

A Fast Weeknight Meal of Chinese Stir-Fried Tomatoes and Eggs

Daniel Hautzinger

Tomatoes and eggs are a classic combination in many Chinese home kitchens, and it's no mystery why. The stir-fry comes together quickly and packs aromatics and sweetness into a filling meal. Try a recipe for it from America's Test Kitchen.
Tater Tot Hotdish from Cook's Country

Our Most Popular Recipes of the Year

Daniel Hautzinger

Simple, classic, and hearty ruled in our most-viewed recipes of 2022, which contain versions of several Chicago dishes, a couple casseroles, both simple and complex baked goods, and everything delicious.
Chicken Bastilla

A Recipe for a Celebratory Moroccan Dish That Mixes Sweet and Savory

Daniel Hautzinger

Traditionally served at celebratory occasions such as weddings—or, perhaps, upset victories in the World Cup by the Moroccan national football team—the Moroccan dish chicken bastilla is an elaborate pie containing stewed chicken, eggs, and almond paste. Try a recipe from Chicago's Shokran restaurant.
Kanelbullar, or Swedish Cinnamon Buns, from America's Test Kitchen

Swedish Cinnamon Buns with a Cardamom-Spiced Dough from 'America's Test Kitchen'

Daniel Hautzinger

As the end of year Swedish holiday St. Lucia's Day approaches, try a not-too-sweet, nuanced Swedish cinnamon bun whose dough is spiced with cardamom. This America's Test Kitchen version of the recipe utilizes a technique from East Asia that keeps the dough moist and light but not sticky.
Updated beef wellington from America's Test Kitchen

An Updated Beef Wellington Recipe from 'America's Test Kitchen'

Daniel Hautzinger

A Beef Wellington is a great dish for the holidays: impressive as the centerpiece of a feast, filling and able to sate plenty of people, involved in a fun way, and an uncommon dish—when's the last time you ate it? Plus, you don't have to do it all in one day.
Various Thanksgiving dishes on a wooden table

Planning Your Thanksgiving Menu? Here are 12 Recipes to Add to Your Table

Meredith Francis

Thanksgiving is almost here. We've compiled a list of recipes that could make a great addition to your Thanksgiving table. 
A Bijou cocktail

A Gin Cocktail for Whiskey Lovers Who Avoid Gin

Daniel Hautzinger

In his new book, Pour Me Another: 250 Ways to Find Your Favorite DrinkMilk Street's editorial director J.M. Hirsch offers ways to discover new cocktails you love. For whiskey lovers who avoid gin, he suggests a Bijou, which he describes as like a light Old Fashioned. 
Pinto Beans with Bacon and Chipotle from Milk Street

A Hearty Bean Dish from 'Milk Street' Made from Pantry Staples

Daniel Hautzinger

Cook What You Have, the new cookbook from Christopher Kimball's Milk Street, focuses on making easy meals out of pantry staples that you always have on hand. This recipe for frijoles charros, or "cowboy beans," is a perfect example.
Tater Tot Hotdish from Cook's Country

An Easy, Hearty Midwestern Dish from 'Cook's Country'

Daniel Hautzinger

You may have never heard of hotdish unless you're from the upper Midwest, but the budget-stretching dish is perfect for families or potlucks during the colder months. This Cook's Country version tops the customary meat and vegetables bound in a creamy sauce with frozen tater tots. 
Four bulgur stuffed peppers on a rectangular plate. Image: Doaa Elkady.

Palestinian-American Cookbook Author Shares Her Story—And A Recipe for Bulgur Stuffed Peppers

Meredith Francis

Heifa Odeh, creator of the food blog Fufu's Kitchen, has a new cookbook out called Dine in Palestine, which has traditional dishes as well as Palestinian-inspired recipes with creative twists. She shares her story and her recipe for flafleh mahshi bil burghol, or bulgur stuffed peppers. 
Roasted baby artichokes by Sarah Grueneberg

A Happy Accident Produced This Roasted Baby Artichoke Recipe from New Cookbook by Monteverde’s Sarah Grueneberg

Samantha Nelson

Monteverde Restaurant & Pastificio chef and owner Sarah Grueneberg has a new cookbook with recipes for vegetables and—what her restaurant is perhaps best known for—pasta. The James Beard Award winner shares her recipe for roasted baby artichokes, which came about by accident.
Arancini from Lidia's Kitchen

Celebrate the 10th Season of Lidia's Kitchen with an Arancini Recipe

Daniel Hautzinger

Lidia Bastianich is celebrating two big anniversaries this fall: 25 years on public television, and the 10th season of Lidia's Kitchen. She's still going strong, sharing recipes such as this one for arancini filled with cheese, peas, and prosciutto.
Sausage and tortellini soup

Sausage Soup

Daniel Hautzinger

This recipe makes a huge pot of soup and doesn't take all day. I like making hearty soups in the winter time, and in addition to being delicious, this soup freezes well. If you like vegetables, add more to make it a little more veggie-forward. I like to think that makes it a little more healthful, too.

NOTE: If freezing servings, you may want to add pasta of your choice when reheating, otherwise the pasta can overcook.

Hoppin' John

Vegetarian Hoppin' John

Daniel Hautzinger

This is a vegetarian version of the traditional Hoppin' John dish made for good luck on New Year's. People I work with expect this now and remind me starting around Halloween!

This is a spicy, garlicky recipe. It looks like a lot of garlic, but it is not, as sliced garlic is not as pungent as chopped garlic.

Grilled Queso Fundido Potatoes from Pati Jinich

Grilled Queso Fundido Potatoes from 'Pati's Mexican Table'

Daniel Hautzinger

There's a new season of Pati's Mexican Table where she visits the northeastern state of Nuevo León and samples some grilled delights, among other things. Try her recipe for grilled potatoes topped with oozy cheese, sausage, and bacon. 
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