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A demonstration for German Day in 1931 in front of the Field Museum. Photo: Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1990-073-12

Fascism in Chicago

Daniel Hautzinger

From the feted arrival of an Italian Fascist in Chicago during the Century of Progress World's Fair (commemorated with the renaming of a street and a monument donated by Mussolini) to the infamous controversy where neo-Nazis tried to march in Skokie, learn about fascist flare-ups in Chicago.
Scoppio Del Carro, or Explosion of the Cart, an Easter tradition in Florence.

Easter Around the World

Daniel Hautzinger

April 13 at 8:00 pm, Rick Steves explores European Easter traditions. Take your own tour of the holiday and discover exploding carts, colorful kites, and the history of the Easter bunny. 
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