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A memorial commemorating 12 fallen Vietnam soldiers sits across the street from Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in South Chicago. Image: Miguel Zuno, Zuno Photography / WTTW

Things to Watch and Read on Veterans Day

Daniel Hautzinger

November 11 is Veterans Day. WTTW and PBS have covered veterans, their lives, issues, and the wars they fought in extensively, but we have pulled together a small selection of those stories for you to watch and read today. 
An Axis Lab Base Line event under the Argyle Red Line CTA station

How Axis Lab Celebrates the Vietnamese Community of their Parents

Daniel Hautzinger

Axis Lab seeks to preserve the culture and history of the Vietnamese community centered on Argyle Street in Uptown, as well as support the local businesses, through innovative artistic means. "It's up to us to continue our parents' work," says the executive director.
Vietnam veteran with a south Vietnamese friend.

A Timely Reunion Across Four Decades and the Globe

Daniel Hautzinger

Phil Seymour promised a young Vietnamese boy a watch while he was serving as a Marine near the boy's village. He regretted his failure to follow through for forty years, until he reunited with Cam, forming a bond with him and his family, especially his daughter.
Soldiers on a search and destroy operation near Qui Nhon. January 17, 1967. Photo: Bettmann/Getty Images

From the Archive: Veterans and Steppenwolf Discuss the Vietnam War

Daniel Hautzinger

In 1984, WTTW hosted a discussion of the Vietnam War with a group of veterans and four Steppenwolf Theatre actors playing soldiers onstage, including Gary Sinise. Revisit it here.
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