Author Amy Krouse Rosenthal Dies at 51

Daniel Hautzinger
Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal, known for her children's books, memoirs, and short films, died on Monday at age 51. She gained national renown this month for an essay in The New York Times, titled "You May Want to Marry My Husband," in which she described in keen and idiosyncratic detail the charms of her husband: a dating profile created so that he could find happiness once she was gone. She had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer in September, 2015, and wanted to gift her beloved partner with a content life even after her death. The piece went viral and quickly became one of the most popular "Modern Love" columns the paper has ever published.

In February, an episode of The Interview Show with Krouse Rosenthal was broadcast. It was her third appearance on the show. In the interview, she explains some of her distinct and poignant perspectives on life, and demonstrates her sensitive attention to the beauty and humor of life.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal
The Interview Show