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What to Watch in March

Lisa Tipton
A digitally created image of an eye made up of blue lights
'NOVA: A.I. Revolution' explores the promises and perils of new artificial intelligence technology. Credit: Yuichiro Chino via Getty Images

There's a huge amount of worthwhile TV out there nowadays, so it can be hard to choose what to watch. But who better to recommend shows than the person who programs them? Lisa Tipton, WTTW’s Head of Programming and Pledge, constructs the WTTW schedule by searching through offerings from many different sources which include the national PBS network, the BBC, and independent filmmakers to put together a varied and engaging broadcast schedule. Each month, she’ll recommend a few shows that she thinks you should watch.

Find all the ways to watch WTTW here. Many of the below shows are available to stream or will be once they premiere.

Doc Martin series finale

Saturday, March 2, at 7:00 pm

After ten seasons, we have finally come to the end of Doc Martin. Savor the series finale, a Christmas special, as we leave behind Portwenn for good. The finale and recent seasons are available to stream by WTTW Passport members.

Adrian Dunbar's My Ireland

Mondays, March 11 and 18, at 9:00 pm

St. Patrick's Day is March 17, right between the two parts of this new special in which the actor Adrian Dunbar (Ridley) explores the history, landscapes, food, and culture of the north and west coasts of his home land. 

New dramas

Sundays beginning March 17

Settle in for an engaging Sunday evening starting at 7:00 pm with the season 13 premiere of Call the Midwife. That's followed at 8:00 pm by the new, three-part series Nolly, which stars Helena Bonham Carter as a real-life popular soap opera star who is unceremoniously and unexpectedly fired. Alice & Jack, a tale of a complicated romance, comes on at 9:00 pm, then we have The Paris Murders, based on actual criminal cases, at 10:00 pm. 

We'll have recaps of Call the Midwife, Nolly, and The Paris Murders, and they all are or will be available to stream. 

Dante: Inferno to Paradise

Monday, March 18, and Tuesday, March 19, at 7:00 pm

Ric Burns, the brother and collaborator of Ken Burns, takes on the life and work of the poet Dante Aligheri in this two-part documentary, including the influences on and legacy of his immortal The Divine Comedy.

NOVA: A.I. Revolution

Wednesday, March 27 at 8:00 pm

NOVA tackles a topic on the minds of seemingly everyone, exploring what artificial intelligence can and can't do, how it works, and how it might evolve and transform our futures. 

Check back for an interview with a producer of the new documentary later this month.