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'Annika' Recap: Episode 6

Daniel Hautzinger
Michael by Annika's burning car
Micahel is uncomfortably close to the team's latest case. Photo: UKTV

Annika is available to stream. Recap the previous and following episodes.
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Despite his comfortable, settled life, Michael is surrounded by intrigue. A dead woman, Viola, has been found by the docks, where his brother Adie works, and Adie is listed as her next of kin. Viola and Adie recently broke up, Adie tells Michael and Annika, and he was asleep at home when she was killed—but Michael thinks Adie is lying about his alibi. Annika takes Michael off the case because of his proximity to it, although she too knows Adie, having even sung drunken karaoke with him along with Michael.

Viola opened a vintage shop a couple years ago, and moved into the flat above it after breaking up with Adie. She and Adie were cited for domestic disturbance a few weeks ago when they argued loudly, and Adie has done time for an assault charge. It’s not looking good for him.

A worker at Viola’s store, unaware that Viola has been murdered, has just called the police about a break-in. There are traces of blood outside the door—and Viola seems to have been killed before going into the water, so her body may have been driven to the docks.

The worker immediately suspects Adie killed Viola: the only time Viola asked her to lock the door was when he showed up one day. The only thing taken from the shop in the break-in was a World War II medal; Viola bought it in an estate sale, but a Gurpreet Mattu wasn’t happy about the purchase.

When Annika and Tyrone try to approach Gurpreet, he flees to the top of a building and sits on the edge, threatening to jump. Annika joins him on the ledge and convinces him to talk. He admits that the medal was his grandfather’s, and that he wanted it back from Viola but she insisted he buy it, so he stole it. He cut his hand smashing the glass on the door of her store.

He has an alibi for the time of Viola’s death: he was working, and on his only break he went to visit his grandfather. The blood outside the store is only his; there’s no trace of Viola’s.

So Adie is still the prime suspect. He offers another alibi via Michael: he was with Taylor Mathie, doing drugs. But Taylor denies it, saying she hasn’t seen Adie in months.

Adie disappears. When Tyrone and Blair visit Michael to ask if Adie is staying with him, Michael becomes defensive. He says he doesn’t know where Adie is, but he’s hiding because he’s scared. It doesn’t help that a wheel nut found at the docks where Viola’s body was dumped comes from the same type of car that Adie drives.

Since breaking up with Adie, Viola had been online dating. The night she was murdered, she had arranged a date at a bar with a woman named Leila—and it seems Viola was killed at that bar, where someone apparently waited for or followed Viola, although there’s no CCTV to confirm an identity. The bar is near Adie’s home.

Leila didn’t show up to the bar, though, as she’s not a real person. When Annika visits the woman in the photos, having done some internet searching, she explains that someone has been using her image for a fake dating profile to scam people. She found out when one of her “dates” also visited her in person after doing some internet sleuthing.

Adie finally turns himself in. He admits that he and Taylor were not only doing drugs when Viola was killed, but that she robbed a store to his surprise—but he still abetted her by driving her home.

Annika goes to question another victim of “Leila.” Lee Tanner had given “Leila” money and was eager to meet her in person. In fact, he was supposed to arrange a meeting with her that very day. Annika uses the opportunity to track the call and discover the location of the person behind “Leila.”

Lee keeps the call going just long enough for the location to be ascertained, then angrily hangs up. He knocks Annika out and puts her in the trunk of her own car before taking it and driving away.

It’s Morgan’s birthday, and she arrives at the police station just as communication with Annika is lost. Diane, Annika’s boss, tries to comfort Morgan and puts Michael back on the case.

Digging through messages on the dating site “Leila” used, Blair discovers that “Leila” accidentally sent Lee a message meant for Viola that mentioned their meeting place at the bar, not that “Leila” was going to show up. She managed to assuage Lee’s concerns by saying Viola was someone who had been harassing her—so he showed up at the bar and killed Viola, telling “Leila” he had fixed her problem.

Now Lee knows “Leila” is fake and that he has killed for her—so he’s off to kill her at the location the police just discovered. After doing so, he heads to the docks where he dumped Viola’s body, with police in pursuit in helicopters and cars and boats. Annika is still in the trunk.

At the docks, Michael approaches Lee, who has stopped at the water’s edge, surrounded by police. Blair and Tyrone creep towards the locked trunk of the car.

Lee works at a scrap yard, and has brought a grenade from there with him. He doesn’t listen to Michael’s reasoning and pulls the pin on the grenade, blowing himself and the car up.

Luckily, Tyrone and Blair had just freed Annika. They are all safe, although Annika has a concussion, and has lost her beloved clunker of a car.

They all retire to a pub with Morgan to celebrate her birthday and their own safety. Michael buys Morgan a “cake” (really a pork pie) and apologizes to Annika for fighting with her about investigating Adie. He and Annika used to get over fights with each other by sleeping with each other—they can’t do that anymore.

While in the trunk, Annika had worried about what would happen to Morgan if she died. Michael asks Annika if Morgan ever talks to her father. Annika answers “No,” then adds, after Michael has left her to bring the pork pie to Morgan and chat with her, “although she’s talking to him now.”