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A First Look at 'Marlow Murder Club,' Coming to 'Masterpiece'

Daniel Hautzinger
Judith Potts, Becks Starling, and Suzie Harris look at something offscreen in a fancy room
When Judith Potts hears a gunshot, she enlists friends to investigate. Credit: Masterpiece

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At the beginning of summer, we heard about an upcoming adaptation of The Marlow Murder Club, based on the novel by Robert Thorogood, the creator of Death in Paradise. Now we have a first look at the mystery that will eventually come to WTTW and PBS via Masterpiece

Take a look at our lead characters in action below as they try to solve a murder that they believe has occurred in their small town. 

Becks Starling, Judith Potts, and Suzie Harris sit around a table with shredded paper on itBecks Starling, Judith Potts, and Suzie Harris are the initial members of the 'Marlow Murder Club.' Credit: Masterpiece

Tanika Malik gives a press conference in front of microphonesTanika Malik is a newly promoted policewoman who eventually enlists the "murder club" to help on a case. Credit: Masterpiece

Judith Potts stands against a blue sky in a fieldJudith Potts is a retired archaeologist who becomes convinced a murder has taken place in her town. Credit: Masterpiece

Suzie Harris and Becks Starling stand in an antique shopSuzie Harris is a dogwalker and Becks Starling is a vicar's wife. Credit: Masterpiece