A Trailer for 'Nolly,' Starring Helena Bonham Carter

Daniel Hautzinger
Helena Bonham Carter as Nolly Gordon in a fur coat
Helena Bonham Carter will star as British soap opera actress Noele "Nolly" Gordon in an upcoming show. Photo: Masterpiece

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Helena Bonham Carter is an admired and lauded actress. The real-life actress she plays in the upcoming three-part show Nolly? Not so much. Noele Gordon was famous for starring on the British soap opera Crossroads, a popular show notorious for its low production value. At the height of her fame, in 1981, she was suddenly axed from the show. Nolly, which premieres on WTTW and PBS March 17, 2024, follows the fallout, as Gordon moved into theater roles and navigated the end of her more than fifteen years on Crossroads.

The drama is created by Russell T. Davies, who's responsible for some of the newer Doctor WhoA Very English Scandal, and other shows. In addition to Bonham Carter, it features Mark Gatiss of Sherlock and Doctor Who, Antonia Bernath of Downton Abbey, and other young stars. Catch a preview of the hyped-up action in the trailer below.