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A New Miniseries About Sisters Is Coming to WTTW

Daniel Hautzinger
Rosaline and Becca stand in coats outside a house
Eve Best and Suranne Jones play two estranged sisters in 'MaryLand.' Credit: Masterpiece

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We've had announcements for two dramas coming to PBS next spring (Nolly and Alice & Jack), and now we have a third. MaryLand is the story of two estranged sisters whose lives once again collide when their mother dies. Played by Suranne Jones and Eve Best, the sisters find that their mother was leading a double life, with a secret existence on the Isle of Man between Britain and Ireland. Their mother's friend, played by Stockard Channing (whom you might remember from Grease), helps reveal secrets while the sisters rebuild their own relationship.

Watch a trailer for MaryLand, which will premiere April 7, 2024 on WTTW and PBS: