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Stories by Lisa Tipton

Greta Thunberg in Stockholm. Photo: Banfa Jawla/BBC Studios
March 31, 2021 | Lisa Tipton
Spend time with three extraordinary people—Ernest Hemingway, Princess Diana, and Greta Thunberg—plus take a deep dive into the effects of the pandemic across the globe over the past year with Frontline.
Leroy Carter, Isaac Woodard, and Donald Jones, NAACP assistant field secretary. Willie Mabry, Sgt. Woodard’s cousin. in background. Likely taken while Woodard was on his speaking tour with the NAACP. 10/1946. Photo: AFRO American Newspapers Archives
February 26, 2021 | Lisa Tipton
A St. Patrick's Day special to fill the hole of the cancelled parade, an investigation into the bias inherent in complex technological codes, a profile of Dr. Fauci, a look at an overlooked civil rights incident, and more. 
Marian Anderson singing at her concert at the Lincoln Memorial, April 9, 1939. Photo: Everett Collection Historical / Alamy Stock Photo
February 1, 2021 | Lisa Tipton
Celebrate stories of African American resilience, resistance, and culture, with documentaries about Marian Anderson, the Black church, a groundbreaking public television show, and more.
Aliana Alexis of Haiti stands on the concrete slab of what is left of her home after destruction from Hurricane Dorian in an area called "The Mud" at Marsh Harbour in Great Abaco Island, Bahamas on Thursday, September 5, 2019. Photo: Al Diaz/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service
December 29, 2020 | Lisa Tipton
A series exploring the response to natural disasters, a self-portrait of America, a new British mystery as well as a remake of a classic, more Finding Your Roots, and more.
Carmen Ruby Floyd in 'Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas.' Photo: Kevin Parisi/American Pops Orchestra, Inc
November 25, 2020 | Lisa Tipton
As the holidays approach, we have warming holiday specials full of music and cheer, plus a look back on a tumultuous year with WTTW News, a documentary on Chicago's candied history, and more. 
Geoffrey Baer in 'Chicago from the Air.' Photo: WTTW/Ken Carl
October 30, 2020 | Lisa Tipton
A new special from Geoffrey Baer offering a unique vantage point on Chicago and an examination of gun violence in the city, plus new dramas from Masterpiece, which turns 50 this year.
State and Madison after the Great Chicago Fire. Image: Courtesy Chicago History Museum
September 30, 2020 | Lisa Tipton
A new look at the Great Chicago Fire from WTTW, two very different but equally worthwhile new dramas as well as a comedy, a documentary on the enormous power of the Latino vote this election, and more.
The Granillo family lost their son, brother and father, Roendy Granillo, to heat illness on the job. Photo: Moyo Oyelola
September 2, 2020 | Lisa Tipton
An extension of Chicago Tonight into the weekend, focusing on Chicago's Black and Latino communities; a new mystery set in Amsterdam; a documentary investigating the abuses underlying Texas's construction boom; and more. 
Thursday and Morse in 'Endeavour' season 7. Photo: Mammoth Screen
July 31, 2020 | Lisa Tipton
August brings a new season of a long-running, cerebral mystery, extensive coverage and analysis of the Democratic and Republican Conventions from WTTW News and PBS NewsHour, and another overlooked story of the pandemic from Frontline.
Suffragists picket in front of the White House. Washington, D.C., February 1917. Photo: Courtesy of Library of Congress
June 30, 2020 | Lisa Tipton

There’s a huge amount of worthwhile TV out there nowadays, so it can be hard to choose what to watch.