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Milk Street’s Culinary Director Talks New Cookbook and Thanksgiving Tips for Overwhelmed Holiday Cooks

Daniel Hautzinger

Thanksgiving is Wes Martin's favorite holiday, and he has some useful tips for harried home cooks. He also talks about the new cookbook Milk Street Simple.

A Delicious 15-Minute Recipe from a New Chinese Cookbook Published by 'America's Test Kitchen'

Daniel Hautzinger

Cold Sesame Noodles are one of the simplest dishes in America's Test Kitchen's new A Very Chinese Cookbook, but also "one of the most delicious," says its author Kevin Pang, a Wilmette resident and former Chicago Tribune writer. 

How a Father and Son Bonded Through Food and Wrote a Chinese Cookbook Together

Daniel Hautzinger

Wilmette resident Kevin Pang and his father Jeffrey used to interact mainly via small talk or arguments. Now they have grown closer via food, hosting a YouTube series and writing A Very Chinese Cookbook together under the aegis of America's Test Kitchen.

Try a Healthier Longanisa Recipe from Chicago's A Taste of the Philippines

Daniel Hautzinger

The new cookbook We Cook Filipino aims to show Filipinos and others that Filipino dishes can be healthy without losing integrity, as in a recipe for the sausage longanisa from Chicago's Kathy Vega Hardy of A Taste of the Philippines. 

Make the Soup That Started Everything for Chicago's Beloved, Stalwart Lula Cafe

Daniel Hautzinger

Jason Hammel's first taste of his wife's cooking was this cabbage soup. He and she started a soup business before opening the ahead-of-its-time Lula Cafe, now in its 24th year and still one of Chicago's favorite restaurants. A new cookbook highlights its recipes and stories. 

New Cookbook Argues Midwestern Food is More than Casseroles and Cheese. But Here's a Recipe for Fried Cheese Curds Anyway

Daniel Hautzinger

Paul Fehribach, the chef and owner of Big Jones in Andersonville, explores the stories behind Midwestern foods familiar and lesser-known in a new book, arguing that it deserves to be taken seriously. “What I would like to do is present it as a beautiful regional cuisine that has a history," he says. 

A 'Call the Midwife' Cookbook Explores the Food—and History—of a "Totally Bonkers Period"

Daniel Hautzinger

“It’s a totally bonkers period,” says Annie Gray, a food historian and the author of a new cookbook focusing on British food from 1956-1970, the era of Call the Midwife. But the food "tells us so much about social attitudes" and more, she says.  

A Recipe for Chocolate Pudding with Coffee-Soaked Black Cherries from an Admired Michigan Chef

Daniel Hautzinger

"Being a native Michigander, I'm legally required to love cherries," Abra Berens writes jokingly in her new, fruit-focused cookbook Pulp. Try a recipe from it that pairs the raw sweetness of cherries with decadent chocolate pudding. 

Abra Berens Reveals the Hidden Work of Farming in Her Acclaimed Cookbooks and “Non-Restaurant”

Daniel Hautzinger

“Fewer and fewer people just don’t know farmers, and so they don’t understand what goes into it,” says Abra Berens, who has received national attention for both her produce-focused cookbooks and her literal farm-to-table cooking at a farm in southwest Michigan.

A Vegan Tikkā Recipe from a Chicagoland Doctor with an Indian Cookbook

Daniel Hautzinger

Looking for a creative outlet while working as a doctor during the pandemic, Sheil Shukla developed recipes and photographed them for a cookbook based in part on the recipes of his family that also emphasizes healthful eating through veganism.

A Recipe for a Vegan Sri Lankan Curry from Oak Park Writer Mary Anne Mohanraj

Daniel Hautzinger

Kaliya curry is a traditional curry eaten by Sri Lankan Muslims that features fried eggplant, plantain, and potato. The Oak Park writer Mary Anne Mohanraj, who has a vegan Sri Lankan cookbook coming out this fall, shares her recipe.

How the Oak Park Author Mary Anne Mohanraj Filled "A Hole in Her Heart" By Writing a Sri Lankan Cookbook

Daniel Hautzinger

Mary Anne Mohanraj primarily writes science fiction, but a desire to connect to the cuisine of her birthplace of Sri Lanka led her to write a cookbook celebrating the diverse cuisine of the island; she's now publishing a vegan sequel.

Best Chicago Cookbooks for Your Chicago-Loving Chef

Chicago is a great food city, and, over the years, we've produced a bounty of cookbooks. Local chefs, restaurants, organizations – even baseball teams and politicians – have gotten in on the action. Behold, the cream of the Chicago-made cookbook crop. 
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