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Chefs Beverly Kim and Sarah Stegner

Challenging the Culinary Industry's Gender Disparity by Helping Working Mothers

Daniel Hautzinger

Women are drastically under-represented as lead chefs in the restaurant business, but a new nonprofit aims to begin changing that. “I feel like the difficulties and the lack of systemic support for motherhood are a big part of why a lot of women drop out of this industry," says Beverly Kim.
A woman gathers donations in Utah. Photo: PBS/RadicalMedia

An 'American Portrait' of the Personal Stories of People During COVID-19

Daniel Hautzinger

Statistics only reveal part of the picture of the novel coronavirus pandemic. In This Together: A PBS American Portrait Story  shows the self-submitted personal stories of people across the country as their lives have been upended by the crisis.
Gustave Caillebotte. Paris Street; Rainy Day, 1877. The Art Institute of Chicago

Take a Virtual Tour of the Art Institute (As It Was in the Past)

Meredith Francis

The Art Institute may be closed right now, but you can take a virtual tour of its vast collection, featuring insight from some of its curators, plus get to see what it was like twenty years ago, in an archival program from WTTW hosted by the late Brian Dennehy.
Mayor Lightfoot at the Shedd Aquarium in 'Stay Home. Hit Play.'

Mayor Lightfoot Will Bring Chicago's Cultural Gems to Students with WTTW

Daniel Hautzinger

Families and students may not be able to visit Chicago's cultural institutions in person right now, but in a new weekly series they can go behind the scences of places like the Shedd Aquarium and National Museum of Mexican Art with Mayor Lori Lightfoot. 
Images: CNN

'Sesame Street' and CNN to Address COVID-19 in a Special Town Hall

Daniel Hautzinger

CNN and Sesame Street are teaming up for a special town hall addressing the coronavirus. Hosted by CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Erica Hill alongside Big Bird, it will provide information and tools for families and answer questions about the pandemic.
FIRSTHAND: Coronavirus’s producer and director Pat Odom and director of photography Kimmer Olesak interview sanitation worker Sammy Dattulo. Photo: Liam Alexander/WTTW

"I've Never Covered a More Important Story": Journalism During COVID-19

Daniel Hautzinger

"I've never covered a more important story in my career," says the producer of the new Frontline: Coronavirus Pandemic. But how are journalists and broadcasters working now, when most people are confined at home? Frontline, WTTW News, and WTTW's FIRSTHAND discuss.
'Mondays with Michelle Obama' from PBS KIDS

Michelle Obama Joins PBS KIDS For Weekly Story Times

Daniel Hautzinger

Beginning April 20, Michelle Obama will join PBS KIDS to read a children's book live on Facebook and YouTube in order to encourage reading while children are at home, in Mondays with Michelle Obama.
Daniel Tiger washing his hands

PBS KIDS Helps Encourage Healthy Habits in Kids

Daniel Hautzinger

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting shutdown can be difficult for parents and scary for children. PBS KIDS has a series of fun videos to teach kids healthy habits, featuring Daniel Tiger, Sid the Science Kid, and more!
Elmo washes his hands

Sesame Street Wants To Help Your Family Get Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Meredith Francis

As many parents work from home or on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis, and as kids try their hands at digital learning, there is a lot to process. The gang on Sesame Street has the tools to help.
Children being treated in iron lungs. Photo: U.S. Food and Drug Administration

"One of the Greatest Events in the History of Medicine": The Defeat of Polio

Daniel Hautzinger

DuPage county, outside Chicago, took part in Jonas Salk's polio vaccine trials in 1954, a successful nationwide experiment that led to the virtual end of a terrifying disease and was called "one of the greatest events in the history of medicine." 
Vivian Howard makes applejacks in 'Somewhere South.' Photo: Markay Media

Some Food Shows to Stream at Home (And Recipes to Try)

Daniel Hautzinger

Cooking and baking more while self-isolating at home? We have plenty of food shows for you to stream, from new programs premiering now to old favorites, featuring everyone from Chicagoans to celebrity chefs both teaching recipes and sharing their passion.
Fox Tales from Nature

10 Science Shows to Stream from NOVA and Nature

Meredith Francis

Tap into your scientific side with shows from Nature and Nova with ten shows you can stream for free.
Advocate Tiera Fletcher by a rocket engine at NASA. Photo: Bigger Bang Communications

A New Educational Line-up on WTTW Prime to Supplement At-Home Learning

Lisa Tipton

Beginning Monday, March 30, WTTW Prime will host an afternoon block with shows that will provide educational content focusing on science, social studies, literature, and history for junior high and high school students.
America's Test Kitchen's Kitchen Classroom

Help Your Kids Learn to Cook with the New Kitchen Classroom from 'America's Test Kitchen'

Daniel Hautzinger

America's Test Kitchen has launched a new, free "Kitchen Classroom," with daily recipes and food-related activities and quizzes to keep you and your children occupied and learning while schools are closed.
Eva Davis leans against a telephone pole, the buildings of of East Lake Meadows appear behind her. Atlanta, GA. September 8, 1986.

Some Streaming Recommendations: Short Documentaries

Daniel Hautzinger

PBS's POV offers a wide variety of short documentary films to stream for free, telling the stories of everything from the media frenzy surrounding El Chapo's trial to a unique event featuring more than a million balloons in Cleveland, plus a collaboration with StoryCorps.
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