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John Gregg and Robert Allerton in Hamburg, 1932. Photo: Courtesy University of Illinois Archives

The Prominent Queer Couple Who Lived as Father and Son

Daniel Hautzinger

Robert Allerton, once called the "richest bachelor in Chicago," lived with a man 26 years younger than him for the last four decades of his life before legally adopting him. His life with John Gregg reveals a sense of the early twentieth century and complicates ideas of couplehood.
Henry Blake Fuller and a cover of his book, "Bertram Cope's Year"

The Chicago Author Who Wrote the First American Novel to Feature Gay Themes

Meredith Francis

Henry Blake Fuller isn't necessarily a well-known name in literature. But his book Bertram Cope's Year is considered by many to be one of the first American novels to feature gay characters. Fuller also played a big role in making social realism the literary style of Chicago.
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