The Travel Detective

The Travel Detective

Beginning Saturday, April 16 at 5:00pm on WTTW11

In the third season of the public television series The Travel Detective, CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg shares cutting-edge travel news, must-have information, and insider secrets on navigating the travel process. Each episode has need-to-know tips to improve the travel experience: how — and when — to book a hotel room, avoiding nickel-and-diming fees, and how to speed through airport security.  The series also features signature “Hidden Gems” destination segments, where Greenberg highlights his personal picks and favorite experiences off the tourist map. Reports on volunteer vacation opportunities show how you can help local communities around the world. Featured destinations in this season include Spain, China, and Singapore, among many others. 

Episode Descriptions – Season 3

#301: Cruise Ship Ghosts
Think you’re sailing on a brand new cruise ship?  Think again!  That ship may have sailed under different names, or different companies, for decades.  CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg looks at the notorious past lives of some cruise ships.  Plus, discover the hidden gems of Beijing and explore how ancient China is evolving in modern times.  And, when an airline switches your seat on you, we’ll tell you how to fight back!

#302: Alternatives To Commercial Jets
The price of commercial airfare keeps soaring, and in turn, so is the popularity of charter flights!  CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg tells us what it means to fly private, and how much it actually may not cost you.  Plus, how do you know if your hotel is really green?  Correspondent Tracy Gallagher shows us how to navigate through the brochures.  And, when you’re overseas, and you want to buy a souvenir, we’ll explain how to find that hidden treasure.  It’s all about the fine art of shopping abroad.

#303: Rating Your Tour Guide
Escorted and guided tours are a great way to explore and learn about a city you’re visiting.  CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg tells us what tour companies are doing to improve training of its guides.  Plus, it was once known as the cigar capital of the world, which is why today, it is still home to the Cuban sandwich!  Check out the hidden gems of Tampa, Florida.  And, what happens when you rent a car with a credit card?  Find out what your card will and will not cover - - essential information you need to know.

#304: Decline & Fall of Air Service to U.S. Cities
“Can you get there from here?”  That’s the question more and more Americans are asking.  CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg discusses the decline in air service across the United States, and provides some sobering numbers.  Plus, when you think of Spain, the obvious destinations come to mind, like Madrid and Barcelona.  We take you beyond the brochures and show you the hidden gems of this European country.  And, what happens when you buy a nonrefundable ticket for you and your girlfriend, and then your girlfriend breaks up with you!  Hear about one man’s ingenious solution. 

#305: Frivolous Lawsuits
We all love to travel.  However, what happens when something goes wrong during your trip?  Legal Correspondent Rikki Klieman reports on arguably the most frivolous lawsuits of all time.  Plus, booking a trip online is easy these days.  But when your itinerary gets complicated, you might want to get some professional advice.  Travel Weekly Editor in Chief Arnie Weissmann tells us when it’s worth it to hire a travel agent.  And, remember Pan Am: the iconic American airline that failed in 1991?  CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg relives that legendary Pan Am experience, through a rather unusual way. 

#306: Global Unrest Impacting Travel
From the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, to the Cairo street protests in Tahrir Square.  Many events like these scare away travelers.  CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg explores whether you should go to these destinations, during times of crisis.  The answer may surprise you.  Plus, Beijing is one of the most beautiful cities in Asia, but also one of the most polluted.  We’ll show you what China is doing to clean the air.  And, what happens when you get on a flight that sends you to the wrong destination?  Legal Correspondent Rikki Klieman looks at the cases of wrong way passengers.