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Inside the set of Mansion House on "Mercy Street." (Courtesy of PBS)
During this week off from Mercy Street, before the finale of season two airs on Sunday, March 5 at 7:00 pm, catch up on everything we've posted about the gripping Civil War drama.
The Museum of Science and Industry's Great Train Story exhibit. (Courtesy of J.B. Spector/Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago)
"The Great Train Story" at the Museum of Science and Industry is a beloved stalwart of the museum. Meet the man who maintains it in advance of a NOVA episode on "Why Trains Crash," airing February 22 at 9:00 pm.
Albert embraces the future: he hunts with guns. (ITV Plc)
The palace is embracing change, as Victoria copes with a pregnancy, Albert and Sir Peel tout locomotives, and Francatelli and Skerrett innovate in the kitchen.
Jimmy Green plotting with the two Confederate henchmen. (Courtesy of PBS/Erik Heinila)
Some people exploit the suffering of the war for their own advantage, while others strive only to alleviate pain and end the conflict. Where do the denizens of Alexandria fall?
Emma Green, Anne Hastings, and Mary Phinney of Mercy Street. (Courtesy of Erik Heinila/PBS and Antony Platt/PBS)
The author of Heroines of Mercy Street discusses the determination and accomplishments of female Civil War nurses, the importance of writing about women in history, and her broad historical interests.
Passion Fruit and Lime Charlotte Russe from 'The Great British Baking Show.' (PBS)'
Paul called this custard dessert "one of the tastiest things we've ever chosen" for The Great British Baking Show, so it's worth trying this Victorian dessert yourself.
Gary Cole plays James Green, Sr. in PBS's 'Mercy Street.' (Courtesy of PBS/Erik Heinila)
Actor Gary Cole began his career in the small experimental theaters of Chicago, became famous for roles like the bureaucratic monster Bill Lumbergh, and now plays the patriarch of the Green family on Mercy Street.
(Library of Congress)
DuSable to Obama: Chicago's Black Metropolis airs Thursday, February 16 at 8:00 pm. Explore web-exclusive content here.
Which Victoria character are you? (ITV Plc)
Upstairs or downstairs, loyal husband or charming playboy, no-nonsense house manager or complicated mother?
Victoria and Albert. (Courtesy of ITV Plc)
Folk contraceptive methods, forbidden romances, an outbreak of plague, squabbles over court hierarchy, noble oration: this episode's got it all. 
Chaplain Hopkins and Emma Green brave a battlefield to rescue wounded soldiers. (Courtesy of PBS/Erik Heinila)
Being a decent person in this war is dangerous. Being a woman just adds to the difficulty, but the women of Alexandria don't let that stop them from helping their side.
Paul Hollywood's Raised Game Pie from the Great British Baking Show. (PBS)
Try a big wadge of this hearty meat pie in a recipe from Paul Hollywood. Queen Victoria would approve.
Esperanza Spalding, Smokey Robinson, Corinne Bailey Rae, Gallant, Cee-Lo Green. (Courtesy of: the artist; Nick Spanos; Library of Congress, Photo by Shawn Miller; the artist; Cable Risdon Photography)
Cee-Lo Green, Esperanza Spalding, Corinne Bailey Rae, and many others saluted Smokey Robinson with performances when he received the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.
Matthew Ramsey, lead singer of Old Dominion, on Soundstage. (Courtesy of Raney Images)
The lead singer of the country band, who can be seen on Soundstage Thursday, February 9 at 9:00 pm, talks about the band's upcoming album and the story behind the delightful title of their debut.
The Regent Seven Seas Explorer. (Courtesy of Martin Gorst)
Personal butlers, in-suite spas, prints by Chagall and Picasso, hand-blown Murano glass: this is a cruise at its most luxurious.