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Golden Knights. Photo: City of Chicago, DCASE
The Chicago Air and Water Show is this weekend, August 19 and 20. Explore dazzling modern and amusing historic photos of the popular event.
This image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the moon crossing in front of the sun. Photo: NASA/SDO
It's been almost four decades since the last one, and another won't happen until 2024: the first total solar eclipse to pass over the lower 48 states since 1979 is a big deal – you don't want to miss it. Find live feeds and other resources from PBS stations across the country.
Richard Serra's 'Reading Cones' in Chicago's Grant Park.
Everyone knows the Picasso and the Bean, but there's a lot more outstanding public art waiting just around the corner in downtown Chicago. Discover ten works by some of the twentieth century's most famous artists, and a piece that was just removed from a major Chicago tourist attraction.
Geoffrey Ward, scriptwriter for Ken Burns' The Vietnam War. Photo: Diane Raines Ward
Geoffrey C. Ward has written scripts for Ken Burns for the past thirty years, and his incredible life uniquely fits him for the job. He survived polio, hunted tigers in India as a teenager, and has an ancestor who bankrupted Ulysses S. Grant. 
A solar eclipse.
On August 21, the first total solar eclipse since 1979 that can be seen in the lower 48 states will cross America. In Chicago, we'll see 87% of the sun covered. The Adler Planetarium shares tips and fun facts about eclipse: "Pictures don't do it justice."
Pete Seeger & The Weavers, Peter, Paul & Mary, Arlo Guthrie and more on stage. Photo: Robert Corwin
In 2003, Pete Seeger, The Weavers, Peter, Paul & Mary, Arlo Guthrie, and more gathered in Carnegie Hall to celebrate the influential folk impresario Harold Leventhal. Learn about the background of the concert and careers of these folk legends.
Skillet Pizza and Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie from Cook's Country. Photos: Joe Keller (left); Daniel J. Van Ackere
Cook's Country returns with four all-new episodes on Saturday, August 12, beginning at 2:00 pm. To whet your appetite, try two recipes that take beloved dishes and make them in a skillet: Pizza Margherita, and a giant Chocolate Chip Cookie.
173rd Airborne Brigade paratrooper after an early morning firefight. July 14, 1966. Photo: AP/John Nance
Lynn Novick, co-director with Ken Burns of the ten-part, eighteen hour documentary series The Vietnam War, which premieres in September, discusses the potential lessons of the war and one of the most affecting moments of her filming career.
Poldark and Benedict Cumberbatch in The Child in Time. Photos: Mammoth Screen; Pinewood Television, SunnyMarch TV and MASTERPIECE
Explore upcoming adaptations of books on PBS, from beloved classics to contemporary novels, on National Book Lover's Day. In development are versions of one of the most famous American novels, an English book with a familiar star, and a liberating story set in the 1920s.
Richard Nixon making his resignation speech on August 8.

43 years ago today, Richard Nixon announced his resignation from the Presidency on national television. The next day, August 9, he resigned.

The unveiling of the Chicago Picasso. Photo: Courtesy DCASE
One of Chicago's most iconic emblems came out of an unlikely alliance between a gruff, conservative mayor and a sensuous, progressive artist. Through the mediation of a charming bon vivant architect, they changed the face of public art in America. 
A savarin cake on The Great British Baking Show.
The technical challenge in the semifinal episode of this season of The Great British Baking Show is a savarin, a yeasted cake soaked in liqueur. Try a citrus-flavored version garnished with fruit and Chantilly cream. The final two episodes air Friday, August 4.
The Brohakan Family in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1923.
"It was time to present a historical perspective of Arab Americans," says Abe Kasbo, creator of the documentary The Arab Americans, which traces the history and contributions of Arabs in America since the first immgirants of the late 19th century. 
The island of Little Skellig, home to a large colony of northern gannet birds. Photo: George Karbus
In Ireland's Wild Coast, cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson explores the magnificent wildlife and landscape of the islands, shores, and waters of Ireland's Atlantic coast. Catch a glimpse of what awaits in the show, with some unbelievable photography. 
The Great British Baking Show. Photo: Love Productions
Mary and Paul often pull out some obscure recipes for the technical challenges on The Great British Baking Show. Have you heard of them before? Can you identify them? The show's final two episodes air Friday, August 4.