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Downton Abbey. Photo: Nick Briggs/Carnival Film & Television Limited 2015 for MASTERPIECE
Rumors are flying, and not all of them are good.
The British 'Princes of the Palace'
Princes of the Palace examined the lives of five British princes, from Queen Elizabeth II's husband Prince Philip all the way down to his great-grandson Prince George. Which of the princes was named a best-dressed man by GQ?
CLARE CALBRAITH as Steph Farrow, CLAIRE PRICE as Miriam Brindsley, CLAIRE RUSHBROOK as Pat Simms, and RUTH GEMMELL as Sarah Collingborne. Photo: Stuart Wood/ITV Studios for MASTERPIECE
Are you the born leader Frances or the more withdrawn Laura? The hardy Steph or the iconoclast Teresa? Home Fires airs Sundays at 8:00 pm.
Raney Aronson-Rath of 'Frontline.' Photo: Jonas Fredwall Karlsson
Raney Aronson-Rath believes that, for all its difficulties, the current period is "a golden age for serious journalism." She explains why, and talks about the newest Frontline film, Last Days of Solitary.
Mark Umbers as Nick Lucas in 'Home Fires.' Photo: iTV Studios and MASTERPIECE
Frances learns some shocking details about Peter's affair, Pat's affair encounters difficulty, and Sarah is warned of being too fond of a certain man. Slander and vandalism rattle Joyce and Alison faces an ethical quandary. 
Alice Connor as Lucy Chen, Lucy Sheen as Oilen Chen in 'Call the Midwife.' Photo: Neal Street Productions 2016
Sister Ursula may seem to be a villain. But she soon changes her tune after being rocked by a near-tragedy. Mrs. Chen is also difficult, but her past provides a motive for her behavior towards her daughter-in-law and her newborn.
Vittorio Grigolo as Roméo and Diana Damrau as Juliette in Gounod's opera at the Met. Photo: Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera
On Friday, April 14 at 9:00 pm, watch the Met's production of Gounod's Roméo et Juliette on Great Performances. Revisit an interview with the director Bartlett Sher by our sister station WFMT from his time in Chicago in which he discusses Shakespeare and opera, and explore photos of the production.
A still from the original WTTW documentary about Pilsen, 'Port of Entry.'
Revisit a 1981 WTTW documentary about Pilsen in advance of a new documentary about the community called My Neighborhood. Many of the issues remain the same, but the community has also been transformed in the more than thirty years between the shows.
Barbara, Trixie, and Patsy of 'Call the Midwife.' Photo: Neal Street Productions 2016
Many people probably assume midwives are a thing of the past. A midwife-in-training at the Yale School of Nursing shows otherwise, explaining the various roles midwives play today and surveying the recent history of midwifery.
An anti-German cartoon from World War I. Image courtesy Joseph Gustaitis
World War I helped trigger huge shifts in Chicago, with the rapid Americanization of Germans, an influx of African Americans, Mexicans, and single women, Prohibition, and more all occured or began because of developments during the Great War.
Fenella Woolgar as Alison Scotlock in 'Home Fires.' Photo: iTV Studios and MASTERPIECE
Tensions increase as Laura's affair becomes public, Frances mourns her husband and deals with a strange codicil to his will, Dr. Campbell begins chemotherapy, and Joyce Cameron returns. 
Matthew Sandiford in the Great Performances broadcast of 'Young Men.' Photo: Sophie Harris-Taylor
April 6 marked the 100th anniversary of the United States' entry into World War I. The dance film Young Men dramatizes the effect of that war on the soldiers who fought in it. Explore other works of art that have grappled with the Great War.
Emerald Fennell as Patsy Mount, Rachel Denning as Penny Reed in 'Call the Midwife.' Photo: Neal Street Productions 2016
Big problems threaten the birth of a healthy child for Penny Reed, but Patsy offers her full support. In the wake of a tragedy at the docks, Shelagh attempts in a small way to ensure safer working conditions, especially after seeing the devastation the accident wreaks on the Marsh family.
America's Test Kitchen's Grilled Pizza. (Joe Keller)
As the weather warms up, get out your grill for a fresh, homemade pizza from America's Test Kitchen.
The Chicago Flag.
April 4th was the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the Chicago flag, which was rated the second-best city flag in the US in 2004. Did you know that not only do the stars have meaning, but also the colors and stripes?