What to Stream This Month

Daniel Hautzinger
Mother polar bear nursing her cubs. Photo: Roie Galitz / © John Downer Productions
Photo: Roie Galitz / © John Downer Productions

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Each month we’ll bring you a few Passport picks. January brings not just polar weather (which you can endure via a Nature special), but also Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday and the returns of two very popular shows.


As we’re sure you know, Victoria is back, with an all-new third season currently airing Sundays at 8:00 pm. But if you need to look back and see how Victoria became queen, married Albert, and confronted various trials from political rivals to the Irish Potato Famine (or just want to relive it all), you can binge the previous two seasons.

If that’s not enough Victoria for you, find everything from quizzes to recipes to recaps and articles about the real historical figures here.

American Experience: Roads to Memphis

January brings Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, both the real date (January 15), and the national holiday (January 21 this year). This American Experience documentary narrates the civil rights hero’s life as it led to Memphis in April of 1968, when he was assassinated by James Earl Ray – and it also explores the troubled past and murky motives of Ray.

Martin Luther King, Jr. at a White House meeting with President Lyndon B. Johnson, March 3, 1966. Photo: Yoichi Okamoto, courtesy LBJ LibraryPhoto: Yoichi Okamoto, courtesy LBJ Library

Finding Your Roots

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is once again uncovering incredible stories from the ancestries of famous people in an all-new season of Finding Your Roots currently airing Tuesdays at 8:00 pm. From PBS stars such as Christiane Amanpour and Ann Curry (learn more about the fairytale romance of her parents here) to politicians Tulsi Gabbard and Marco Rubio to comedians Sarah Silverman and Andy Samberg, there’s a lot to explore in this season – and plenty more in the previous four seasons, which are available for streaming.

Nature: Snow Bears

Since it currently feels like we live in the arctic, why not at least enjoy some cute polar bear cubs and follow the treacherous journey they must undergo with their mother to reach the sea in order to feed? This Nature special is narrated by Kate Winslet.