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A New Vicar Is Coming to 'Grantchester'

Daniel Hautzinger
Robson Green and Rishi Nair smile at the camera while holding scripts for Grantchester
Rishi Nair will become the newest vicar to solve crimes alongside Robson Green's Geordie in 'Grantchester.' Photo: Courtesy Masterpiece

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We have some bittersweet news to share while we're in the midst of airing season 8 of Grantchester. The next season is already filming, but star Tom Brittney, who plays Will Davenport, has announced it will be his last. However, we already know who will replace him as the next crime-solving vicar of Grantchester: Rishi Nair, as Alphy Kotteram. 

In the upcoming season, Will and Geordie are happily living life together with their families and extended families in Grantchester, but Will receives a life-changing offer. Reverend Alphy Kotteram has no interest in solving crimes, but, like Will Davenport before him and Sidney Chambers before him, he'll find that there are always murders to be solved in the little hamlet, and that Geordie is a steadfast and worthwhile companion. 

Brittney has starred in Grantchester since he took over following James Norton's exit in season 4. It sounds like a similar hand-off will occur in season 9, as both vicars appear together. We're looking forward to meeting Alphy!