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Miss Scarlet Loses the Duke But Gains Another Season

Daniel Hautzinger
William stands in a hat and coat outside
The duke won't be returning for season 5 of 'Miss Scarlet.' Credit: Masterpiece

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Miss Scarlet and the Duke is returning for a fifth season with a big change: Eliza's romantic interest William "The Duke" Wellington will not be returning, with the series being renamed simply Miss Scarlet. The announcement isn't much of a surprise, given the increasing absences of William from the previous two seasons, with his departure for New York City in the most recent episodes. 

Most other cast members will return, including William's colleagues Fitzroy and Phelps, Eliza's associates Patrick Nash and Clarence, and her longtime friend and maid Ivy. 

Kate Phillips, who plays Eliza, will also be on PBS and WTTW in another upcoming series, when she reprises her role as Henry VII's third wife Jane Seymour in the final season of Wolf Hall, The Mirror and the Light

While you wait for that and the next season of Miss Scarlet, you can recap all the previous episodes of Miss Scarlet and the Duke, while WTTW Passport members can stream them.