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Catch a Look at the Upcoming 'Marlow Murder Club'

Daniel Hautzinger
Three women sit around a table that has shredded paper on it
Becks Starling, Judith Potts, and Suzie Harris are the initial members of the 'Marlow Murder Club.' Credit: Masterpiece

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"It's my neighbor. I think someone's just shot him." 

That's the setup for the upcoming Masterpiece Mystery series The Marlow Murder Club, based on a novel by Robert Thorogood, the creator of Death in Paradise. Judith Potts (Samantha Bond) becomes convinced that a murder has taken place in her quiet village and soon joins forces with dogwalker Suzie Harris (Jo Martin) and vicar's wife Becks Starling (Cara Horgan) to investigate. 

We had already seen some photos from the show, but now we have both a trailer and a premiere date: Sunday, October 27. Plus, even though the first season hasn't even premiered yet, the cast and crew are already in production for a second, presumably based on Thorogood's own book sequel. 

Watch the trailer below.