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Detours | Prehistoric Road Trip


Take a brief detour from the road trip and dig in to these special features.

Fossils 101: The Basics of Paleontology

What is a fossil, anyway? And how do fossils form? What should you do if you find a fossil? Learn the answers to these questions and more.

What is Deep Time?

Did you know that we live closer in time to T. rex than T. rex was to Stegosaurus? Comprehending the earth’s 4.5 billion years can be tricky, so here’s a description of the major time periods in Prehistoric Road Trip.

Meet the Rock Stars of Paleontology and Geology

Get to know the experts featured in Prehistoric Road Trip. They talk about why they got into the field and what they love about it. They also offer advice to aspiring paleontologists and geologists.


The Two Paleontologists Who Had a Bone to Pick with Each Other

Bribery, theft, and sabotage. It sounds dramatic, but it’s the true story of America’s first paleontologists. Cope and Marsh made amazing discoveries in Como Bluff, but their rivalry left each man penniless and with ruined reputations.


Mary Anning Found So Much More than Seashells by the Seashore

You might know her from the tongue twister “She sells seashells by the seashore.” Mary Anning was a nineteenth century paleontologist who didn’t get much credit at the time for her work. Amy Atwater from the Museum of the Rockies tells her story.


How to Draw a Dinosaur: An Interview with a Paleoartist

There’s a special kind of illustrator who blends art and science to create the images of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures found in museums and academic journals. Danielle Dufault, a “paleoartist” from the Royal Ontario Museum, talks about her journey and her artistic process.


What Can We Learn from Looking Inside a Dinosaur Bone?

What’s in a bone? Scientists at the Museum of the Rockies talk about what they can learn from cutting into a fossilized bone. They also demonstrate the process of cutting into a Triceratops horn and what that means for understanding the animals that walked the planet millions of years ago.


Take Your Own Prehistoric Road Trip

Want to plan your own trip through deep time? We made a list of places to see that Emily Graslie and the crew visited while filming the show during the summer of 2019. Visit national parks, state parks, and museums – big and small.


Road Trip Reflections: Geology Rocks!

Go behind the scenes as Emily Graslie and Prehistoric Road Trip Director and Producer Ally Gimbel reflect on their journey across deep time. What surprised them, and what did they learn? And how many geology puns can they come up with?


Where to Find Fossils in Your State

Want to get out your rock hammer and start digging, or take a stroll around a museum to see them up close and personal? Here are just a few of the places you can find fossils – in the ground or on display – in each of the 50 states.