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First Looks and Premiere Dates for New Seasons of 'Masterpiece' Shows

Daniel Hautzinger
Helen and James stand next to each other in coats on a farm
Helen and James are considering starting a family, in the upcoming season of 'All Creatures Great and Small.' Photo: Masterpiece

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It's time to start looking forward to Sunday, January 7, 2024. That's when the new fourth seasons of both All Creatures Great and Small and Miss Scarlet and the Duke will premiere on WTTW and PBS! 

Not only do we have the premiere dates of both shows; we also have a little taste of what's ahead and some first look images, including of one of the new cast members we previously announced for All Creatures Great and Small

It's spring 1940 in the Yorkshire Dales, and James and Helen are considering starting a family, although James could be called up to serve in the war. Helen is growing ever closer to Mrs. Hall, while a new arrival at Skeldale House—veterinary trainee Richard Carmody—shakes eveything up a bit.

Over in Victorian London, Eliza Scarlet has taken over her erstwhile rival's detective business. While that occupies her time, it sounds like she and William are also finally moving towards a decision that will end their will-they-won't-they relationship.

There's lots to look forward to next year! In the meantime, you can read recaps of our shows, and WTTW Passport members can stream many of them via the PBS app and at Plus there are plenty of good dramas and mysteries to keep you occupied in fall. 

Enjoy first look photos from both shows below. 

James, Mrs. Hall, and SiegfriedTristan may be gone, but the people of Skeldale House adapt. Photo: Masterpiece

Goats run through a hallwaySome goat-related mischief is afoot. Photo: Masterpiece

Richard Carmody looks like he was caught in the act of somethingRichard Carmody is a vet-in-training who has arrived at Skeldale. Photo: Masterpiece

Two men and a dog walk toward a house across brown fieldsThe Dales are as beautiful as ever, no matter the season. Photo: Masterpiece

Eliza and William stand in the street and look at each otherWill Eliza and William finally move forward with their romance? Photo: Masterpiece

Eliza walks down the street in a pink dress and carries flowersEliza has taken over Nash & Sons from her onetime rival. Photo: Masterpiece

William looks seriously at a womanWilliam continues to assist Eliza with cases—and vice versa. Photo: Masterpiece