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Stories by Julia Maish

Henry Wilcox and Margaret Schlegel in 'Howards End.' Photo: Starz Entertainment
February 2, 2020 | Julia Maish
Margaret works to save her relationship with Henry and Helen both, but Helen disappears to Germany and refuses much further contact. When she eventualyl returns to England, all the characters meet and events get out of control, in the final part of Howards End.
Henry Wilcox and Margaret Schlegel in Howards End. Photo: Starz Entertainment
January 26, 2020 | Julia Maish
Margaret receives an unexpected offer from Henry, while he is impressed by her independence. Helen is angered by the increasing difficulties of Leonard's life, and her attempt to redress them leads to a crisis in Margaret's life. 
Haley Atwell as Margaret Schlegel and Matthew McFadyen as Henry Wilcox in Howards End. Photo: Starz Entertainment
January 19, 2020 | Julia Maish
A surprising request from Ruth Wilcox and a change of circumstances draws Henry Wilcox closer to Margaret Schlegel, while she and Helen attempt to help the principled Leonard Bast. The Schlegels face a decision as they look for new housing.
Mrs. Wilcox (Julia Ormond) in Howards End. Photo: Starz Entertainment
January 12, 2020 | Julia Maish
Sisters Margaret and Helen Schlegel are independent and idealistic, but their increasing connection to the affluent, industrialist Wilcox family causes some tension. The downtrodden Leonard Bast offers a completely different perspective from either family. 
Haley Lu Richardson as Louise Brooks in The Chaperone. Photo: Thomas Concordia/PBS Distribution
November 24, 2019 | Julia Maish
When the future star Louise Brooks is accepted at a prestigious dance school in New York, she needs a chaperone to escort her from Wichita and rein in her wild impulses. Norma Brooks senses her own opportunity to change a staid life, and joins Louise on the journey East. 
The series finale of Poldark. Photo: Mammoth Screen
November 17, 2019 | Julia Maish
It's the series finale of Poldark, and it's chock-full of drama, action, romance, treason, and more, as Ross goes off the rails, George surpries everyone, and England's security hangs in the balance. Recap and stream it here. 
Season 5 of Poldark. Photo: Mammoth Screen
November 10, 2019 | Julia Maish
In the penultimate episode of Poldark, Ross begins to try to take down a shadowy conspiracy (and possibly joins his own), Geoffrey Charles's romance reaches a crisis, Caroline confronts a hidden danger, and Demelza begins to address an illegal plan. 
Demelza and Ross in season 5 of Poldark. Photo: Mammoth Screen
November 3, 2019 | Julia Maish
Ross makes several last-ditch efforts to save his hot-headed friend Ned, but a shadowy conspiracy is working against him. George and Hanson move forward with plans that will break Geoffrey Charles's heart, and Demelza tries to help the villagers while uncovering theft.
Demelza in season five of Poldark. Photo: Mammoth Screen
October 27, 2019 | Julia Maish
While Demelza deals with a counterfeit money racket, Ross is drawn into trouble by his loyalty to Ned. George seems to have recovered and is back on his nefarious and wrong-headed ideas, spurred on by his shady business partner Hanson. 
Cary decides to try a new tack in treating George and turns to Dwight. Photo: Mammoth Screen
October 20, 2019 | Julia Maish
George is still not recovering, so Cary turns to Dwight for help, which in turn makes Caroline suspicious. Greater problems await George as Ned, Tess, and Hanson stir up revolt among his workers, and Ross and Demelza must step in once again to help him. 
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