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Jodie Hamblett as Jenny in 'Home Fires.' Photo: iTV and MASTERPIECE

As the finale of Home Fires approaches (it airs Sunday, May 7 at 8:00 pm, the last episode ever!), revisit recaps of this season's episodes, a personality quiz, and a timeline of British history as seen through period dramas. 


"Fear of Foreigners" – A long-time Italian resident of Great Paxford and a regiment of Czech soldiers incite tension and cruel behavior. Meanwhile, unfortunate or non-existent news about men of the town who have gone off to war doesn't help ease people's nerves.

Frances Barden in 'Home Fires.' Photo: iTV and MASTERPIECEPhoto: iTV and MASTERPIECE "The Pressure Is On" – Tensions increase as Laura's affair becomes public, Frances mourns her husband and deals with a strange codicil to his will, Dr. Campbell begins chemotherapy, and Joyce Cameron returns. 

"Affairs Abound" – Frances learns some shocking details about Peter's affair, Pat's affair encounters difficulty, and Sarah is warned of being too fond of a certain man. Slander and vandalism rattle Joyce and Alison faces an ethical quandary. 

"Picking Up the Pieces"  – Frances tries to erase Peter's affair from her life, the Campbells receive some good news but Dr. Campbell delivers an upsetting diagnosis to the Brindsleys, Laura finds a new occupation, Pat's affair reaches a crisis, and Teresa goes on a date.

"Farms and Factories" – Right at harvest-time, Steph is in danger of losing the farm and endangers her own life trying to save it. Alison becomes more suspicious of dealings at the Barden factory while Frances is forced to confront her husband's affair head-on.

"Hanging Off a Cliff" – In the last ever episode of Home Fires, we are left with some huge questions that will never be resolved. Does an unexpected catastrophe leave anyone dead? Do two awaited joyful occurences end well? Will an abusive marriage ever end? We'll never find out.


The Hollow Crown, Poldark, Victoria, and Downton Abbey. The Hollow Crown, Poldark, Victoria, and Downton Abbey. "Which Home Fires Character Are You?" – Are you the born leader Frances or the more withdrawn Laura? The hardy Steph or the iconoclast Teresa?

"A History of Britain in Period Dramas" – There are a lot of British period dramas – so many, in fact, that you can construct a narrative of British history from the medieval ages into the near future using them. Explore some British history, and learn what Masterpiece dramas will return or premiere soon in the process.

"Why Was Home Fires Cancelled?" – Call the Midwife is now slated for nine seasons, while Home Fires was abruptly cancelled after two. The two dramas share some similarities, so what explains their opposite trajectories?

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