The Travel Detective

The Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg

Season 5 Premieres April 2019

In the fifth season of the public television series The Travel Detective, CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg shares cutting-edge travel news, must-have information, and insider secrets on navigating the travel process. Each episode has need-to-know tips to improve the travel experience: how — and when — to book a hotel room, avoiding nickel-and-diming fees, and how to speed through airport security.  The series also features signature “Hidden Gems” destination segments, where Greenberg highlights his personal picks and favorite experiences off the tourist map. Featured destinations in this season include Mexico, Palm Beach, St Lucia, and Egypt, just to name a few!

#501: Hidden Gems of Mazatlan

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg reveals the hidden gems of Mazatlan, ranging from a botanical garden to the longest boardwalk in Latin America. Plus, Baltimore is a city originally settled in the 17th century. Today, it’s going through a cultural renaissance, as Peter shows us how to live there like a local. And, a travel warning about free Wi-Fi connections in public spaces - - why you may be making yourself an easy target for hackers.

#502: Puerto Rico Recovery

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg tells us how Puerto Rico is coming back even better than before, following the island’s devastation from Hurricane Maria in 2017. Plus, from flight tours, to an organic vodka distillery, we show you some unusual ways to explore the Hawaiian island of Maui. And, despite some U.S. travel warnings to Jamaica, that did not stop Peter from visiting his hidden gems of Montego Bay.

#503: Hidden Gems of Baja California Sur

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg reveals the hidden gems of Baja California Sur, ranging from snorkeling in a national park, to a blossoming art scene. Plus, afraid ‘the big one’ is coming? You’re not alone. We tell you which parts of the world are most susceptible to earthquakes. And, most of us know the Palm Beaches as a premiere resort destination. Well now, Peter shows you how to experience this luxurious South Florida region like a local.

#504: Hidden Gems of Quintana Roo

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg reveals the hidden gems of Quintana Roo, ranging from Mayan ruins, to a special biosphere reserve. Plus, a warning about some of the most polluted rivers in the world that you will want to avoid. And, the Palm Beaches is known as a playground for the rich and famous. Peter shows us the hidden gems of this region, including its international raceway.

#505: Hidden Gems of Mexico City

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg reveals the hidden gems of Mexico City, including one of the largest parks in the Western Hemisphere. Plus, Santa Rosa is best known for its vineyards. But there’s plenty more to see and do here, as we show you how to live there like a local. And, we’ll tell you about some secret airport hubs to get on your radar, for the next time you need to catch a connecting flight.

#506: Hidden Gems of Egypt

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg goes way beyond Cairo and the pyramids to show you his hidden gems of Egypt. Plus, Wall Street Journal Travel Editor Scott McCartney provides tips to prevent you from getting sick on an airplane. And, St Lucia is an island full of romance, adventure and history, as we reveal why you need to visit this hidden gem of the Caribbean.

#507: Hidden Gems of North Lake Tahoe

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg reveals his hidden gems of North Lake Tahoe, and explains why this is one of the best places for adventure in the great outdoors. Plus, a report from Thailand about a hotel chain that is stepping up to fight child prostitution, child labor and sexual trafficking. And, an inside look at what really happens to a cruise ship during drydocking, and the remarkable transformation it undergoes.

#508: Hidden Gems of Riviera Nayarit

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg reveals the hidden gems of Riviera Nayarit, ranging from a chocolate garden to the world’s largest vehicle suspension bridge. Plus, the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo has been under construction for years and finally opens in 2020 – Peter gives you a sneak peek of what to expect. And, The Breakers in Palm Beach County is not only luxurious, but it also has a rich history - - it’s a true hotel with a past.

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