The Travel Detective

The Travel Detective

Premieres January 2018 on public television stations nationwide

In the fourth season of the public television series The Travel Detective, CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg shares cutting-edge travel news, must-have information, and insider secrets on navigating the travel process. Each episode has need-to-know tips to improve the travel experience: how — and when — to book a hotel room, avoiding nickel-and-diming fees, and how to speed through airport security. The series also features signature “Hidden Gems” destination segments, where Greenberg highlights his personal picks and favorite experiences off the tourist map. Featured destinations in this season include Jordan, Hawaii, Cuba, Australia, and United Arab Emirates, just to name a few!

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Episode Descriptions: Season 4

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg takes us down under to Australia’s most populous city — beyond the Opera House and Bondi Beach — to show us places that only the locals know about. Plus, a rundown of the world’s most traffic-congested cities. And, the World Happiness Report has a new country on top of that list, and we explain why it was chosen.

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg travels to Hawaii’s most visited island, where he hits the water with a Hawaiian legend, shops like a local, and experiences the island’s traditional art forms. Plus, airlines are getting more and more competitive, and innovative, when it comes to trying to win over business class passengers. We reveal some of the carriers’ latest bells and whistles. And, airfare and hotels are the obvious line items budgeting for a vacation — we give some pointers to figure out how much your trip will really cost.

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg runs down the most entertaining and innovative airline safety videos. Plus, from famous residents, to the home of a classic children’s book character — we reveal the untold story of the iconic, New York Plaza Hotel. And, it’s known as the factory tour capital of the world. Greenberg shows you how to live like a local, in historic York County, Pennsylvania.

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg introduces us to an emirate in the UAE that most of you have never even heard of, called Ras Al-Khaimah. Plus, The Homestead in Virginia is the first resort ever built in the United States. Learn about its colonial heritage — it’s a true hotel with a past. And, fans of Game of Thrones know Dubrovnik as the site of the fictional capital King’s Landing. But, there’s plenty more to see in this Croatian city, including medieval architecture, and gorgeous views of the Adriatic Sea.

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg takes you to the Middle East, to a country full of ancient archaeological and religious ruins. However, Jordan is more modern and westernized than you might imagine. And despite what you might think, now is the perfect time to visit. Plus, it’s the capital of Wales, a port city filled with Medieval history. Greenberg shows you how to live like a local, in Cardiff. And, The Buccaneer Hotel on the island of St. Croix has its own compelling history, dating back to the Colonial era. Find out why it’s a true hotel with a past.

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg tells us about a new bridge at the U.S. Mexican border allowing Americans to travel to Tijuana’s airport for cheaper airfare. Plus, with new rules in effect, we tell you what you need to know before you travel to Cuba. And, some believe a specific hotel in Hungary was the inspiration for the Oscar-nominated film The Grand Budapest Hotel. No matter what you think, correspondent Tracy Gallagher tells us why it’s a true hotel with a past.

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg tells us about some places around the world in which there are too many tourists visiting each year. Plus, it’s Australia’s third-largest city with 283 days of sunshine annually, featuring a thriving music, art, and culinary scene: Greenberg shows you his hidden gems of Brisbane. And, in Northern Italy, correspondent Arnie Weissmann introduces us to a cruise ship excursion that will tempt your taste buds!

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg reveals his hidden gems of Memphis. Plus, large hotel chains seem to be running the hospitality game these days. But, family-run hotels still do exist, and are thriving in Hawaii. And, Greenberg goes behind the scenes and speaks with major players in the cruise industry, to hear about the challenges in constructing their ships.

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